BIG WIN! VGT $5 Polar High Roller**RED SCREENS**

BIG WIN! VGT $5 Polar High Roller**RED SCREENS**

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  1. I sing a little "go red " song when i play. Lol

  2. When are u at choctaw next

  3. The bingo card needs to be shown

  4. Congrats Erika about 2009 I was playing a 5 machine and I hit the big one but I wasn't betting max so 50,000 is what I would have instead 1,500

  5. Nice red screens

  6. jackpot inferno

  7. Erica are you still virgin?

  8. I won 5 grand on that same machine

  9. Nice hit 4red spins wow

  10. NICE to see you win Erica !

  11. Fabulous hit…. Hopefully I will get some good vids like this one on my channel soon!

  12. Red Screen Spins!! Way to go Erica! Those red spins are beauties. Love your videos!

  13. you're welcome. the vids are great.

  14. Do you think the five dollar machines are kind of the sweet spot Vgt? Meaning you can do relatively well for a relatively small amount?

  15. Does Polar High Roller have a bonus game like Lucky Duck has the yellow rubber duckys and Red Rudy has the jewel bag?

  16. well, I went through all my usual channels with new videos and they were all disappointing. I tuned to you and looked for something I had not seen before and as always you didn't let me down. I so enjoy watching you win. thank you for sharing and good luck.

  17. Great win!

  18. omg good job

  19. Hey witch place do you go ?

  20. It's bad whenIm tapping your red screens. Great win!

  21. Wow. Love those red respins. Maybe I'll try again this Fri.

  22. Love those Multiple Red Spins…the anticipation that with each progressing red spin, the win will be progressively larger! My best so far was at Choctaw believe it or not, on a $5 Money Bag outside of the high limit room upstairs(up the ramp way) and I was playing 3 at a time so $15 spin and got 7 in a row Red Spins starting with 3 cherries, then 3 single bars, then 3 double bars, then 3 triple bars, then 3 red 7's, then 2 7's and a money bag and finally 1 7 and 2 money bags for a jackpot handpay of $7360! I couldn't believe it and it was a saturday night around 8pm, very crowded and all those spins created a larger crowd! Too much! Not my highest hand pay but definitely my most exciting!

  23. Love these! I moved to Arkansas from Kansas city a couple years ago and had no idea what lucky ducks were haha. These are now my favorite slots. Hardly play video slots anymore, red screens all the way!

  24. 172290266995961856.fbmsg.mp4

  25. Awesome video

  26. Wow, love it when it stays red!! was there at choctaw in durant the other day, wild bill treated me real good! polar high roller was also hitting nicely. keep up the great liveplay!

  27. Another great win! You have the best luck at choctaw…..congrats E

  28. Hello Erica!! Dam that was a good HiT!! I love when it turns Red.. And that money coming

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