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  1. Nice compilation-I just hit a Wheel machine for $1250 last night. I was down to my last spin! Whatta rush!!!

  2. They shouldn't call this "Wheel of Fortune". They should just call it "Wheel Of", since the third spin symbol doesn't line up often enough to complete the phrase.

  3. Nice win..But i would had never came back the next day to play again.A win is a win and to enjoy, not to play with again. That's where the house always has a edge. They know most people who win at 90 % will play their winnings again with that good feeling: I could do it again! Or luck his on my side. That's the Casino dream to take all that money back and have you more desperate to play and add more money in their pockets.

  4. i subbed you and unsubbed Brian Chris. You are much nicer: ))

  5. I enjoy your channel compared to the others no matter how much you win. The reason being, you keep your language clean always. For that reason alone, l will subscribe. Good luck in 2017!

  6. Deepikeable

  7. I like this game

  8. you are so fun to watch ☺.

  9. gооod

  10. What a wonderful feeling to get the Biggest $$$ on the Wheel!! Congrats!! You go girl!!!!
    I did the same thing today on a Quarter Wheel of Fortune game. SO exciting!!

  11. Yay Yay! You deserve big wins cause you're such a sweetie Diana! Love the "WHEEL…. OF…." (crickets) lol

  12. Yeah Randy!!! awesome hit!

  13. What a fun game…pink diamond 7's YEAH…Congrats on the $1195!!!

  14. Hi Lady D and Hubby good viewing

  15. i heard the machine taunting you and laughing at you… They do that to me as well.. Keep having fun..

  16. WWWWWoooooohooooo. Good Job 🙂

  17. is there anyway you can get the audio in sync with the video . its really annoying.

  18. Wheel! Of! Darn it!

  19. It seems when you get nice hits during the regular game the bonus usually sucks….but you came out ahead !!

  20. Congratulations

  21. WOW!!! CONGRATS!!

  22. Diana, just saw your video on this guy's channel…new to this, not sure what I could help other than letting you know…

  23. Well that was a profitable session and great for getting points! I may try this on my next trip! Congrats Diana!

  24. Wow nice… Betting that much per spin had me nervous and its not my wager! LOL Every time it was Wheel..of… shoot lol that would have drove me crazy!

  25. Wat to go Randy! You too Diana….great group of bonus hits along with the line hits…..

  26. Nice wins Diana! Good spin Randy Congrats!!

  27. Awesome wins.
    Nice spin Randy.

  28. Wow….great hits! Thank you for all of the videoing you do! I really enjoy your videos.

  29. Congrats to you & Randy on getting the top amount on the wheel, very nice.

  30. I'm amazed at how almost every trip is a major win for you. Our normal trips are donations of $2-3k.

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