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  1. I found one of those Texas Lottery tokens here at work in Michigan. Just wanted to say.

  2. I am so addicted to watching your channel. I’m a new subscriber and love gold panning and gambling. No wonder huh. Lol. I wish Tennessee was as generous with their payouts. Great job. So easy to watch and understand all the different cards, with your help. I get as excited as you are when you win. I realize they aren’t all winners and you may not show any videos that you don’t win, so yeah don’t be fusing at me folks. I don’t always find gold either. Luck to you. !!❤️

  3. Awesome win AR!

  4. It was driving me nuts that you missed the 14
    On the “B”.
    I was screaming at my

  5. You missed DUB

  6. Congratulations on your big win my name is Wendell from Hazleton Pennsylvania

  7. Might play by myself, not with myself…lol

  8. LOL @ 3:20 He says "let you guys at home play with yourself" LOL

  9. 300 very nice…under 600 no tax even better

  10. Congratulations,Awesome

  11. Congrats

  12. Play with yourself lol

  13. Woo hoo!!Great win AR!!

  14. Just won $500 ar im learning from you.. Lol jk ch3ck my video, wouñd be nice.. Nice win bro ✊

  15. Love the win all double 7's nice find AR

  16. I hit the same thing was kind of disappointed but i only bought one

  17. Congratulations

  18. wow! excellent win. congratulations.

  19. awesome! I had a 200.00 winner this morning on a 20.00 ticket . Nice Friday!

  20. Nice one AR 🙂 Happy weekend.

  21. sweet win bro! congrats!!

  22. Holla at 300 nice win

  23. Can I PayPal ya some money to scratch some tickets for me?

  24. Sweet win my friend

  25. Nice little pick up AR :)))

  26. Wow! You did win it! Lol…too bad it wasnt more

  27. I hit the Win All on the $3 version and it was only $60….but then, I hit $90 on the same game from a different pack

  28. I'm in Houston for the weekend. Hope I find some good tickets while I'm here.

  29. sweet

  30. Congrats AR nice win on that ticket. At least you can take the winall on that ticket off your checklist

  31. Nize win AR! $300 big ones! Congrats!

  32. Wooooooooo hooooo well done!!!

  33. Congratulations on your big win. Where's my cut. Lol lol just kidding. You earned it

  34. Congrats

  35. about time well done Ar pleased for you, you rule

  36. Awesome win AR

  37. Oh shit ticket #7…just like my 77 on #7 for $500…that's it I will always buy #7 on this

  38. Good luck with your search for the big winner

  39. Good evening

  40. Nice win. I was hoping you would win $1000

  41. Nice!!!!

  42. Good job AR! Congratulations!

  43. Nice scratch technique…

  44. Good win

  45. Nice win all !

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