Big Win! (Win All) New Christmas Lottery Tickets! New $3s & $5s

Big Win! (Win All) New Christmas Lottery Tickets! New $3s & $5s

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  1. Cash cody I was just excited as you were congratulations on the win all on a new ticket

  2. Merry Christmas to you great winall prize( you bastard) lol that's what you say when someone wins a great prize like Jack…

  3. Awesome Win All!!!!

  4. VERY NICE look in the trash for $3 tickets

  5. Nice Dude!

  6. Very nice 115.00 win

  7. Very nice win for you Cody!!!

  8. HOW DID YOU GET THEM? They dont come out till tomorrow

  9. Nice hit that will help fund a nice stream.

  10. Nice win

  11. Great win all on the first day!

  12. Awesome.. hype!!!

  13. Nice win all on first day!! Congrats

  14. The face cashiers make when you buy scratchers lol I'm trying to win here service me!

  15. Sweet win congrats you're the man

  16. That's a great start to buying new tickets.

  17. hi cash cody great video and i was looking at your ressise

  18. Great win! Love the Christmas tickets.

  19. Congrats,Cody on your win. Its hard too get $100 wins on $5 tickets. Going out too buy a few tickets later this week. I will let you know how I did.

  20. Very nice. About time

  21. Nice win all CC

  22. Congrats awesome start

  23. Good find dude!!!

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