BIG WIN!! — Winning Fortune Progressives — FAR EAST FORTUNES DELUXE — Slot Machine Bonus

BIG WIN!! — Winning Fortune Progressives — FAR EAST FORTUNES DELUXE — Slot Machine Bonus

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Far East Fortunes Deluxe with the Winning Fortune Progressive Slot

Wow! Where do I begin? I had a great session on this series of games. Let’s start with a BIG WIN on Far East Fortunes Deluxe. My HUGE win will come next week on another in the series. Just to give you a hint…it’s a FULL SCREEN of the top symbol in the bonus feature. Back to this game…I didn’t have luck on Far East Fortune 1 or 2. So, to play this deluxe version was a treat. Also, this game is on the Blade cabinet. I may seem a little slow with the wins, because I didn’t do anything on the earlier (non blade) version, so I wasn’t aware of the symbol pays. I hope you enjoy this Slot Machine bonus feature and please come back next week for my HUGE Win on another game in the series. I will also show what the Progressive features look like. Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Mike, guess I have to practice more LOL. I tried this slot at Showboat, didn't do well but I'm going to try it another try when I go back at the end of the month. Hopefully I'll be able to do a decent video.

  2. That was a fabulous win !!! :0 Great  game cant wait to give it a try !!
    Luck Luck Luck to You!!

  3. Never won anything on Far East Fortunes 2 either, though I wish it was available longer where I usually play.  This looks VERY interesting.  Hopefully it reaches my neck of the woods soon.  Congrats on the win and can't wait to see what you've got next week!

  4. That is quite interesting and a game I'm looking forward to playing next time in AC.  Nice wins!

  5. This look AWESOME..!!  where was this??

  6. Not too bad win and or slot, keep up the goodwork, casinomanj 🙂

  7. Wow I wanna play this! That was a sweet win, love seeing the new game!! 🙂

  8. That looks awesome Mike and one hell of win, isn't that how the first version of this game works with the wilds bouncing up and down?  Looks like I have to leave home again LOL

  9. I really want to see all new slot , I hate to watch the same video slot you guys have play repeatedly. Great work
    . Also please reply when people comment on your video . Stop being ignorance . 

  10. Wow! That's a very nice big win Mike! Congrats! I like this twist on an old game. The bonus looks a lot more fun and interesting than the versions prior. Cool! 🙂

  11. This looks like a great game. I love the new floating wild, like you, I could not hit anything on the last machine like this.

  12. I think this game is going to become a popular one to play. Good to see some volatility being out back into the Blade games. Awesome win there Mike!

  13. What casino did you play this at?  I'm going to be in Vegas in June & wondering if anyone there had it yet?

  14. Wow!  I really like this one!  Can't wait to try it out … congrats on all your luck on this one!  Great video as usual!

  15. Wow.  I didn't know  Far East Fortunes has a newer version.   Can't bonus at all on the last one.   I like this version.  🙂

  16. Nice win Mike. Hope I do well tomorrow, going to try and make my first video. LOL

  17. hahaha!  I think I would have liked that, too!!  I have got to find this one.  Great hit!  How did you arrive at a bet of 264 credits?

  18. Nice hit. I played this one for over an hour mostly max bet and couldnt hit anything over 40 bucks.

  19. I like this!  Looks like WMS, maybe back on the side of the gambler (lol)

  20. That was great.

  21. That's a very nice win was that max bet? Im not sure but is this slot a blade slot? Cause everything is a blade machine nowadays!! Can't wait to play this one Ive never even played the original one lol !!! 😉

  22. Congrats. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

  23. Wow looks awesome thanks for the video

  24. bonus looks awesome! I saw the girls in bonus im assuming it can retrigger too?

  25. Nice win! Love your videos!

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