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  1. Uhhh, HOLY SHIT WOMAN!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! Just awesome.. I yelled out loud when those fish landed. Congrats. I guess I'll have to give Wonder 4 a try. Never played it and you made it look so easy…so happy for you

  2. was this at max bet for all 4 games?

  3. love your vids
    keep the good wins coming

  4. Nice Di!!!! Hey I'm going to be in Lake Tahoe at the end of February any chance of you going there or have you been there at all?

  5. Ok, I never thought I'd be watching one of these videos and out of nowhere hear my voice! It was VERY nice to meet you Diana and thank you again for spending a few minutes to speak with my wife and I. For anyone reading, I totally interrupted her in the middle of playing (too astonished to remember my manners!) and Diana was as gracious and sweet as she could be! Congrats on the bonuses, too! Wonder 4 never treats me that well!

  6. Love that machine at Venetian, it usually treats me well…Congrats, nice win!

  7. All I can say is Meow LOL I think it is the back groung noise that I hate LOL LOL Good game

  8. fantastic win diana, thanks for entertainment

  9. Dang D!!!!!Now that's a Bonus'Way to go Congrats…That Re trigger really was everything

  10. Awesomeness !!!! Peace love and Corndogs!!!! ❤️

  11. Great bonus rounds on Wonder 4 and a beautiful finish on Ms Kitty SFG! Congrats!

  12. That was awesome!!!!Congrats Miss Kitty!!!!

  13. Diana you have been on fire these last couple of videos… what a way to end the year!

  14. Looks like those two wins would be enough to put this game in your top 10 hot games 🙂

  15. how many machines would you say you have to play to achieve this kind of success?

  16. i love that the game gets quiet right before the coin show, then bam, joyful music. great vid.

  17. Awesome win on Miss kitty very, congrats!!

  18. Fantastic wins, congrats.

  19. Nice win Diana, Looove that game , I play all buffalo's

  20. You're on a roll lately!

  21. muy divertido el juego felicidades

  22. Great wins. You seem to have a great winning relationship with buffalos.

  23. That was Purrrr fect. Congrats Diana. Cheers

  24. Nice bonuses Diana
    Thanks for sharing

  25. Awesome as aways:-)

    Tell me this.. why is it good to fall short of a handpay?? Surly more is better right haha

  26. This made my day, it always makes me smile when you win big =)

  27. I was all set to say nothing could top that first Buffalo win ($433+), but then I saw the Cat Show at the Venetian and the $903 win….wow. Purr-fect, Miss Kitty. Maybe we shouldn't give up on Wonder 4 just yet.

  28. beautiful

  29. Great bonus Diana.

  30. Wonder Four I used to love, but hard to play anymore, more like Blunder Four. Depends on the casino and luck, more or less luck depending which casino it is. Just want to stay in the game. Probably cost me $200 watching this video after the next time I see this game.

  31. Great bonus!!! Heading to LA this wknd to play that game!

  32. Nice win!

  33. That was great! You're absolutely right, if you hadn't gotten that re-trigger you probably wouldn't of ended up with much. Which is sad considering its "Super" free games and you therefore get all 4 reel sets.

  34. Dang D, U Crushed it again!

  35. Buffalo loves you…..

  36. Thank God for sticky wilds! Right?! Great win. Do you still prefer Buffalo to Miss Kitty?

  37. another beautiful jackpot ! u had a great time with it =)

  38. Are you able to trigger multiple bonuses on the same spin? Meaning can you trigger Buffalo and Miss Kitty on the same spin?

  39. Great bonuses Diana!

  40. perfect as always 🙂 thank you

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