[ad_1] **BIG WINS ON CARNIVAL CONQUEST CRUISE!!!** Ainsworth Slot Machines

Games in this video as follows:
1.) Las Vegas
2.) Twice The Diamonds
3.) Action Dragons

I dedicate this video to Albert’s Slot Channel and DKD Slots because they LOVE their Ainsworth games! So, I decided to try few of their machines while I was on my cruise at the beginning of March. I have never spent much time with this company, but with wins like these I might have to give them more time and play! Out of the three games, I’d play Twice the Diamonds and Action Dragons again. There is def some potential with those two games. Be on the lookout for more videos from my cruise…you won’t want to miss them!!! ENJOY!!! 🙂

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  1. Nice wins. I may have to try Carnival for their great selection of games. My usual cruise line has nothing compared.
    Thanks for sharing. Continued good luck to

  2. Cruise ship slots are usually tighter than a duck's ass too. Nice to see you get some big wins on them.The $2600 wonder 4 tower win was incredible.

  3. Enjoyable channel I'll be back to watch it again thanks for sharing

  4. Nice Win !!!!!

  5. New Ainsworth, at least new for me! Pretty cool!!!

  6. Love me some Ainsworth, never seen games 1 and 3, look forward to them and great win at the end there Nick, congrats!

  7. The last bonus was very cool with the multiplier bonus inside the bonus. Nicely done Nick, congrats!!

  8. Awesome bonus!

  9. great wins nick

  10. I cant do much on these games but very very nice bonus on the last one! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great hits, Iam surprised you didnt cash out the $200 after that shitty bonus!

  12. Nice compilation Nick. So Ainsworth made it to cruise ships too. They can take all of them from my local with them. 🙂

  13. Nice! Great wins, Nick! Thank you for sharing!! Congrats!!

  14. Loved sailing on the Conquest, but they didn't have these games when we sailed on her. Congrats on your wins.

  15. Great stuff, doc! Great video!

  16. Nice wins! Never underestimate Ainsworth, they can pay!

  17. great wins enjoy those bonus within bonus games

  18. Great wins overall Nick. Good job on capturing them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. I played Las Vegas don't really know what the big hype in the bonus was either. Twice the diamonds gave you decent bonuses, but Action Dragons did you well. Thanks for posting Doc…awesome win!

  20. Very nice wins. I didn't know what to expect since I've never been on a cruise anywhere. Tell you the truth, I was surprised to see penny slots — I thought a captive group of passengers would be forced to play higher denomination games. Looks like fun.

  21. I have never seen this version of twice the diamonds. The one I play if you get a key in the middle column it gives you a X2 on the next spin then a X4 and then a X8. It is harder to get the key but when you do the next 3 spins are guaranteed multipliers with big win potential. Thanks for sharing

  22. Lucky YOU Nick! Great winning!

  23. Nice one dr!!

  24. Great wins!! I am no Albert on Ainsworth so haven't played them too much, may have to give them another shot!! Thanks for sharing!!

  25. Hope you enjoyed your cruise out side of the casino!!! I had a wonderful time with Carnival Cruises!!! Hope fully will some day go again!!! Casino is nice to play!!

  26. That last one was smokin!

  27. That dragon game was very nice!!! I liked the x8 on twice the diamond. Cannot wait to continue to see your adventure in the cruise!

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