**BIG WINS WITH HEIDI!!!** Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot Machine

**BIG WINS WITH HEIDI!!!** Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot Machine

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These bonuses are shown in the order they occurred! This was the second time I ever played this game…the first time in Atlantic City didn’t give me a bonus. This round made up for that and then some!!! I really like this game after playing it in Vegas on this trip…it treated me very nicely as you can see. I will play this again and hope to show you more of it! Enjoy!!! 🙂

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  1. I like this slot as far as I think it's fun to play i just never win on it, so I passed it completely the last time I was in Vegas. I might give it another try next time.

  2. Great win!!

  3. Woohoo!! Keep pouring those beers, Heidi!!! That was a great run on this slot, Doc! Heidi certainly took a liking to you! Fun video!! 🙂

  4. Wooooo! I started dancing to that intro!!!! Love it!!! Great video, Nick!! Very nice wins and great showing!! Thanks! Congrats, Nick!!

  5. Heidi was so kind to you! Where was your sister? passed out from all the daiquiri's?

  6. Very nice bonus. I gotta try this game soon.

  7. I can't wait to be back at Vegas! I don't think I have given this game a chance, maybe I should put a $20!

  8. Well done! I never win anything on any Bier house slot, but they're fun and I keep trying. One day maybe lol

  9. Nice bonus. I don't play this game however, because the symbol pays are so much lower then original Bier Haus. A full line of wilds on the original game at 2.25 wager would have been 22.50 per line at least 15 lines based on your hit.. So by my back of the napkin calculations the bonus feature on this game, they cut the line symbol payback by 50% or greater. I think the top progressive would have to be pretty high, to make it a favorable odds game. So this slot is purely for entertainment value, no real chance of big jackpot.

  10. That was very nice bonus wins Nick. I kind of like this game but people judge me playing this.

  11. Very nice wins Nick! That music makes me crazy…..I am still hearing it!!!

  12. Gosh, I hope Heidi didn't serve you so much beer that you weren't able to drive home, Doctor Nick. Sometimes she gets a little carried away. Maybe you need to ask her for a little wurst with your lager, help you sober up a bit. You didn't really drink all those stacks at the end did you?

  13. Love your intro was jamming as soon as I heard Bruno! Absolutely great bonuses fantastic Nick!!

  14. Hahah love the new Heidi in your thumbnail! Great stacks of beer at the end!! I'm afraid I won't be able to get the Heidi song out of my head now. Congrats on the wins Nick!

  15. So funny my dad plays the accordion and the music that plays while the wheel is spinning is something he would play on it LOL

  16. Love the intro!!!! Xo great video too!!!

  17. Awesome bonus rounds. This song is so catchy!!! Thanks for sharing.

  18. PRIMA!!! OH HEIDI, You know how to SERVE!!!!

  19. Much more fun than previous versions but I suspect the pay is much lower. You had a great bonus with 42 spins, well done!

  20. Nice wins Nick! I like this game. They just installed it at Buffalo Creek. I think $2.25 is the sweet spot. Happy slotting!

  21. Love the intro music…

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