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Biggest Win & Defeat of The Best National Teams In All Time

Biggest Win & Defeat of The Best National Teams In All Time

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42 комментария

  1. South Korea?

  2. Brazil lost because he is without neymar

  3. C'est trop cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  4. 9-0

  5. Wow england are destroying teams

  6. 10-1 Argentina-Brazil

  7. SOO GOOD 🙂

  8. 3:23 cringe

  9. Portugal have 17:0 vs estonia

  10. Most of the people aren't seeing the date of the biggest defeats


  12. What country is who made Sweden´s biggest defeat? Is the UK flag?

  13. How did Hungar beat France

  14. Wheres poland

  15. Where is Russia?

  16. Germany 0 X 9 England kkkkkkkkkk depois falam do 7×1

  17. England as always

  18. Bulgaridad13-0loco

  19. Bahamas suck bad they will never win the World Cup

  20. amazing how some of there biggist defeats are agienst england

  21. american samoa vs australia

  22. E N G L A N D .

  23. Bolivia Win 9-0 With Argentina,WTF!!!???

  24. USA best national team of all time?!

  25. Ha how embarrassing ( look at Frances defeat)

  26. wheres ma boi Suitserland

  27. =====================================================

  28. Yeah, because Cameroon and Ivory Coast are one of ''The best national teams in all time''

  29. I have a feline this is fake


  31. Where's Russia?


  33. Weres Poland???!??!

  34. Brazil 7×1 defeat 7×1 win

  35. Chile:
    Biggest win:7-0
    Biggest defeat:0-7


  36. Why didn’t you do when Australia had their biggest win of all time and biggest win ever it was Australia 31|ame Samoa 0 ! CRAZY!!!

  37. Argentina biggest lost against Bolivia 11-0 1952

  38. Hungary was almost the best in olden days
    But…. now they are the worst

  39. I add new Korea Republic 16-0 Nepal

  40. How did Argentina lose to an Bolivia that badly not being racist but how

  41. England is the most by other defeats! XD <3

  42. 2:59 / 3:51
    meg ezt ki hagytam

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