BIGGEST WIN EVER on Temple of Treasure!

BIGGEST WIN EVER on Temple of Treasure!

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My biggest win ever on the Temple of Treasure slot! If I’d get just one more decent hit I would beat my Bonanza win in x-win!

This bonus round started out really well, going for the «Mystery Choice» and getting the best possible outcome from it. When you get that, you expect something great to happen. But I couldn’t imagen it was going to escalate like this! [ad_2]

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  1. Amazing

  2. 5000x what a biggest crock if shit FAKE

  3. It might be a nearly 5,000X win on the bonus, but the bonus itself cost €500 — so in actual fact it was only a 50X win wasn't it?

  4. hahahahaha,,, omg, what a moron !!! complaining over 7 eur,,,,, oh noooo, I missed it by 7 eur for 5000 x haahha and even when it is fake money LOOOOOOL

  5. I love your channel! I subbed! have a great day!

  6. 0:35 he is like "wait a second" and when he comes back he sniffs his nose like he just took a line before the bonus lol…

  7. Has this speccy ever proved his deposits are legit? If not, he should be banned from youtube

  8. Sick 500x nice one

  9. Fake as fuck….17k and no reaction…

  10. Schmeeeeeeeeeckt

  11. Congratulations — amazing win

  12. ไม่เคยใด้เลยกับเกมนี้

  13. Crazy run WTF

  14. Not sure it's real? Because of reaction! You would go nuts surely?

  15. Great promo add for casino grounds

  16. Holy shit!!! Nice!!!

  17. Must be fake , not even excited , why ????

  18. Do anyone see him cashout or was it pretend money?


  20. Nah not buying it. Completely fake. No emotion at all on his face when he’s just hit 5000X? Bullshit.

  21. Imagine*

  22. Fucking hell thats insane well done mate

  23. Fake money like nickslots

  24. Luckiest man alive

  25. Crazy hit!

  26. Big congrats ❤️

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