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Biggest Wins Ever on Dead or Alive 2 slot

Biggest Wins Ever on Dead or Alive 2 slot

The highly anticipated NetEnt slot machine ‘Dead of Alive 2’ has just been released and it has already dished out some huge wins. But can it live up to its popular predecessor?

For everything about the game, feel free to check out:

Featured videos:
00:14 Can Jarttu84 fill the line with scatters?
00:55 The new Dead or Alive II brings Rexxor420 an amazing win.
01:56 Can Slotspinner get a wild line?
04:36 How much can JuhuDiePie win from an 18 Cent bet?
05:35 Macha29 captures the end of a great bonus just in time.
05:52 Will this be a successfull bonus for OmegaSlots?
10:46 Bassebula goes to the Old Saloon for a big win.
12:14 JimboCasino beats his old DOA 1 record on the new Dead or Alive.
14:32 A mind blowing win for Ragingponys.
13:38 What can ImAnomaly do with 4 spins remaining?
16:53 Mafiaboy is writing history with the biggest win recorded.

34 комментария

  1. I played doa2 nearly got a wildline, only needed three more..

  2. Lool it’s all fucking fake and rigged…

  3. Dick ed in the blue top with that slut behind needs shooting

  4. Usual suspects appearing jarttu etc , such a con

  5. Got today in 25 spins 4 free spins and in one i got 600x

  6. As usual most of top ten made up of streamers there's a shock lol but they do play more than most players.. Hahaha hahaha perfect comment to insult your intelligence.. 1000x + hits nearly every other day haha hahaha yeah that be possible hmmm I think I'll give it a try I'll go sign up through a streamers site right now… Total and utter robbing thieves disgusting hope you sleep well at night.

  7. Dont try this at home. The game will drain your bank account and will kill you. you wont win 30.000x

  8. Got one bonus after shitload of spins and it paid absolutely nothing

  9. imagine betting only 18cents and getting a monster setup thats probably never gonna happen again — bet u wished ud bet something better like a dollar

  10. starts with fake cash.

  11. Зачем я это смотрю ?! Я же лузер.

  12. so fking rigged

  13. I made it to be featured thanks 😀

  14. Your videos are more entertaining than PewDiePie 🙂

  15. Interesting how all the Big streamers have Hit Big on thiy

  16. How the hell everyone manages to get those monster wins and when I get bonus pays 2x and 5x crap :/ lol (Laughing of pain here) 😀

  17. This Slot is Just Crazy ^^

  18. Nope not biggests 🙂 One guy have one 64000x

  19. Why do so many streamers shout Hallo like that? Just wondering.

  20. lol @ last one, wildline x 48

  21. 目が治ってる

  22. All these wilds sticking but when i get a bonus i hit like 1/2 wilds on reels 4 and 5 haha. Same with DOA 1, never win big on this game.

  23. does any one know what the app is called for those casino games?

  24. If DOA was fun to play I would grind it constantly for a big win but 200-300 spins in and you lose the will to live

  25. Actually quite smart this by netent giving out these big wins in the beginning of the game, now everyone's gonna play DOA2 and everyone will lose cause the game's gonna go cold soon, that's what i think so i'm not gonna play DOA2 anymore, if you want to lose when they want to get money back for the great wins that has been given thus far on the game go ahead and do it but you will lose 🙂

  26. Wow holy crap $239.000 will be tough to beat that congrats that's life changing money

  27. can u do a biggest win on vikings ? (netent)

  28. Good to see a Canadian bring home the bank

  29. nice wins on DOA2 — i try my luck later

  30. pls heart my comment lad

  31. Well the person who was second to last on this video can now afford some better recording software

  32. ever on a 3weeks old slot LUL

  33. the last one recorded in 10p?

  34. 1st comment's!
    Hallo youtubA ^)))

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