BigWinnn — Victor Cruz ( Official Music Video )

BigWinnn — Victor Cruz ( Official Music Video )

[ad_1] Track 2 Of Make America Winn Again
Shot & Edited By Cruddy Visuals
Produced By XannyPacquiao & ChopStar [ad_2]

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  1. 254 comment

  2. Holaaaa

  3. BigWinnn and Stunna4Vegas would be fire

  4. here before tiktok

  5. when i thought he was autistic

  6. I’m not a rapper but I’m finna and your career oh ugly ahh

  7. if you from PG like this

  8. Yessir

  9. Silly rabbit I ain’t falling for tricks

  10. 2.5k likes to 7 dislikes, i think u a god and funny as but why these 7 people hatin tho

  11. That jawn fire no cap

  12. We need bigwinn x xanman

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