Black Knight slot bonus Big Win at Sands Casino in Bethlehem

Black Knight slot bonus Big Win at Sands Casino in Bethlehem

[ad_1] This was my best hit in quite awhile. Started play at a buck a spin then did a what the hell and max bet. Hit this about 30 bucks later. This is a slot bonus win on Black Knight at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. [ad_2]

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  1. wow amazing hit ! i love it when they line up nice and early

  2. What happened after it malfunctioned?

  3. Nice

  4. You know what i did get the king the other time with all three nights it was pretty sweet but i dont play max bet was just playing 3X, but night bonus man

  5. You know what never happens on the Black knight bonus? The King never stops on the first reel during a bonus when you have all 3 wild reels. I play this game often and have never seen it happen.

  6. Beautiful bonus!!!!

  7. Beautiful bonus! Question, though, can you get those knights on each line or just in the middle during the bonus? I've seen this game and played it maybe twice, but haven't had any luck on it. Maybe I'll try again come payday… 🙂

  8. nice win

  9. nice hit! Do you know how to retrigger the bonus to get more free games. I thought you retriggered it for a sec….

  10. Nice hit…after watching several of these black knight vids where the 3 knights come up, I noticed that neither of the 2 highest paying symbols (king & queen) come up in the 1st reel on any of the vids I've seen.
    Anyone have a valid, factual explanation for this? Or shall we accept the postulation that the casinos and slot manufacturers have the 'fix' in for us, and have made it so that in these slots it has been set so as to not get the highest symbols when the 3 middle reels are present?

  11. WOW ! That would be cool….hope you cashed out before the tax man could "get to know you"…….Congrats!

  12. Nice hit, fun game when you get the three knights in the middle, not so fun when you don't. I was playing today at an Indian Casino in WA, was down almost $200, with $1.40 left. Hit a the bonus on Road Trip with $0.40 and ended up winning $244.00. I'm sure there are some who would say why didn't you do max bet, cause I probably would have never gotten to that bonus had I. Enjoy watching your videos

  13. That was really cool! My friend discovered the "knight" last weekend and she was excited about an $85. win…can't wait to show her yours! 🙂

  14. Awesome WIN

  15. Was $3.00 the max bet?

  16. Man that was fun to watch !!!! Geat hit !!!

  17. I played this game at Lumiere casino in St. louis and was betting 2 bucks a spin, hit the bonus, got the 3 wilds first spin, and hit the kings on the last spin to make over 1100 dollars.very rare though

  18. Nice! I haven't ever played these machines. May have to give them a try!

  19. @videopappy37 You're welcome……………Keep on winning the big bucks!

  20. the best.. I had one in Harrahs Chester.. 120 bet 3 horses second spin 440 bucks, got another spin right after horses on 3rd spin 335. Over 700 bucks

  21. if you get the 3 knights the bonus can be just awesome….but ONLY if you get the 3 knights…and that's rare. I got it once on a max bet of $2 on the first spin…over $400

  22. Brilliant Win. Congrats and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  23. Wow! Nice hit and a tax free take! That's a plus!

  24. Unbelievable!!!!!! You are THE man! Congrats!

  25. nice when you get the wilds early in the bonus round!!! :)….Good Hit!!!

  26. Great video. Thanks!

  27. AWESOME stuff. Good timing, good luck!

  28. fantastic work, pity no pay with one of the higher symbols.

  29. big bet big win nice

  30. WOW — very nice hit!!! I love these when they pay out 🙂


  32. it's awesome when you see the reels go your way! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Nice win VP

  34. Good lord, what a great bonus pappy. Blew my Black Knight bonus right out of the water!

  35. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when it instantly happens so that you can enjoy ALL the spins!

  36. Holy crap Pappy!!! Way to go!!

  37. I *dare* you to hit a character on the first reel during this bonus. It NEVER happens for me…although it does "Big Win" quite often inside of the bonus.

    Sweet win nonetheless

  38. Nice one, VP!

  39. That is awesome!! Great hit! I am off the the casino here this evening, I hope I get this lucky!!

  40. Love this game. Especially when the black knights show up early in the bonus. Congratulations!

  41. Daaamn pappy! I love this game!!!! 🙂 AWESOME HIT!!!


  43. Big Buckaroonies!


  45. Wow amazing!!! Knew you were in for a big one when u got all 3 on the second spin!!!

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