BLACKJACK BIG BETS | 60$ Side Bet Big Win | 3000$+ Win

BLACKJACK BIG BETS | 60$ Side Bet Big Win | 3000$+ Win

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  1. What a Lucky play

  2. U need to learn basic strategy ffs

  3. omfg u ar eso fuckin lucky my friend bruuuuuw da fuuuuqee

  4. Dealer so cute. Wanna cuddle her

  5. lol and the dealers got it too 3s same :X

  6. Would have been even better with Trips suited, so close but great job 🙂

  7. That is insane

  8. Nice win, but u'r blackjack strategy needs be updraded. Stangind on a soft 17 is maybe the worst i have seen in a while.

  9. wow awesome… perfect pairs, flush, and wins nice share thanks

  10. Holy shit… the amount of luck i've seen there is unreal. Nice side bets man!

  11. Trust me, the dealers love to see sidebet wins. We seriously are cheering for players ^^

  12. I won with PP many times, but unfortunely I lost it all due my greedy type of personality.. I had Three of kind of 8's, Ace's etc many times.. anway I wish I could go back in time cuz now Im in debt and gotta pay it off .. I need 1 k pounds in like 20 days.. fucking loan sharks

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