Blake Brown — O Fortuna [Remix]

Blake Brown — O Fortuna [Remix]

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15 комментариев

  1. КОНЧ ЗА 500. КОНЧ ЗА 500


  3. party at the shire y'all!

  4. Works for intro of basketball teams starting 5

  5. Guerilla warfare charge battle theme!

  6. When you Got 3 Uber rares in Battle Cats

  7. this shit was good if it wasn't just a loop, it sounds generic after the drop

  8. This isn‘t a „remix“. This Is a loop. Literally nothing else. Also one, that anyone with a looper and or a looping software could… well shit out in like 3 minutes.

  9. Great escape

  10. Drop dat sick beat

  11. 1850+2017

  12. This was shit.

  13. How do you get that bass circle thing

  14. Bro, this is just a shitty looped song.

  15. Astonish sube por favor las canciones de este video tu yo

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