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Bonanza Big Win Highlights!

Bonanza Big Win Highlights!

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I have played Bonanza SO MUCH over the years so I decided to put up a compilation of my old clips featuring some of the most exciting moments I’ve had on the slot. You’ve probably seen my 100k euro win on Bonanza and in this video you get to see some of the grind before that insane win. My actual goal here was to get a 1000x but slots can be very unpredictable…

Bonus #1: 00:08
Bonus #2: 03:07
Bonus #3: 05:14
Bonus #4: 06:49
Bonus #5: 09:01
Bonus #6: 13:08
Bonus #7: 14:48
Bonus #8: 17:19
Bonus #9: 22:05

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  1. So fake , not even excited to win 8 grand !! What a croc

  2. Give me some money

  3. Bonanza is nothing like this now that much is for sure……

  4. Been playing bonnanza for few years now does nothing but rob me average bonus 30x if i can get one nice to see someone win

  5. When Bonanza used to be good…

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