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Bonuses for everyone! Big win on Dancing Drums. A great time with my slot neighbors!

Bonuses for everyone! Big win on Dancing Drums. A great time with my slot neighbors!

It’s always fun to have a fantastic bonus with retriggers but it’s even more fun when your slot neighbors are nice. We all had a great time on Dancing Drums. Bonuses for everyone! This was at San Manuel casino.

PandaJock Slots
325 N. Maple Dr.
Beverly Hills , CA

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23 комментария

  1. It's always fun and cool to have awesome slot neighbors who support your anticipations ^_^

  2. I did have a bonus on dancing drums yesterday chose the 10 games , got 9 extra games because of retriggers , however lost all my winnings on stinking rich , and buffalo Max !! Lol need learn stop when I’m ahead lol !!

  3. Awesome game! Congratulations!

  4. That was a huge hit! New it was big when we heard the kids cheer! Awesome time Buddy. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi!! great channel and video!! big like 53 and new subscriber here =)

  6. very good work 🙂 new sub+1

  7. very nice friend✨✨✨
    Thank you for the great video!

  8. nice video how to play bonuess.. bonuess also to me friend..thanks

  9. another awesome game.. good luck.

  10. Great games love it

  11. your always the best panda.wow mini jackpot

  12. What a great bonus!!! But OMG, who was that person 'bashing' that slot machine, they should fine them!!!!!!

  13. Happy bonuses my dear friend Jock. God bless

  14. That was great Panda I knew you were going to get a good bonus because that lady next to you kept winning usually when someone machine keeps winning the one next to it wins too. At least that's how it usually is at the casino I go to. That mini keeps coming up I wish something bigger would of come up for you but it was a awesome bonus Panda. Have a Awesome Monday Vegas is only a few days away.


  16. … I love Dancing Drums… yesterday, I went out for St. Patty's Day and sat at one, and with only 88 cent bets, cashed out at $350… sat there for a good hour and a half… had a great time… great video

  17. That was a great 2nd bonus! Lucky save 🙂 Sometimes our slot neighbors can make or break a session. It's always nice to have someone cool spinning beside you. Thanks for sharing Panda!

  18. You always follow your instinct and strategic plan and that makes you over the top and win plus the bonuses. Awesome

  19. Fantastic bonus !

  20. Woooow that’s awesome more bonus please for the Live this Thursday lol. OMG well done. What kind of slot is that drum? I love any types of slot. Lol slot is the machine I don’t know what is the name it maybe drum. That’s cool little panda with light.

  21. what the hell was that neighbor doing..banging on the slot..I had to turn the sound off that banging was driving me nuts,,But wow you got your money back…Have a great trip..

  22. That was Amazing to watch, you and your neighbor were have a great time, its so much fun being around nice people! wonderful video

  23. I have had the pot close at every level of full and emptiness. Still waiting for the BIG one. Nice comeback win!

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