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Book of Dead — Big win £10 stake

Book of Dead — Big win £10 stake

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22 комментария

  1. Nice win Chip but was this really "One £10 spin before i leave" as it shows you on auto play with 6 spins left?

  2. Nice misleading title. Your autoplay was on, with 6 spins left. How would you call that 1 spin before I leave? Clickbait

  3. What stake were you on before you raised it?

  4. Scumbag this channel has split many familys up! New facebook group page opened to get casino's stop using streamers to promote there shit! 1.3k members in 4 days!
    The problem is real parliament also want shit changed!

  5. Amazing how most of the comments on here are from channels with no content and no subscribers , and no negative comments either,
    No commentary from you either on what is a big win.
    One £10 shot before you go. Haha. Bullshit,. Starting to smell a rat with your vids.
    No haters please. Only stating the obvious.

  6. Wow another great win and stream well done chip and you deserve it

  7. It's a nice win mate but can't help feel disappointed for you, with the stake and two retriggers it could've easily be 5/10x the size of that win

  8. That's a cracker

  9. Nice win chip I would like to here you chat with these big wins

  10. Very Nice Sir!! Congrats

  11. Very nice

  12. Brilliant man. Would havd love to see your reaction too all that. Nice win

  13. Full line of dags there

  14. Nice win dude
    Can you give me a shout out
    On your next video?

  15. Thats a dream hit

  16. Very nice win chip 2nd nice win in 2 days

  17. Hell of a win chip is that real money our waging

  18. Nice hit chip well desevred win bud bet that put you in the profit for abit also would to give advice about gambling . I once use to gamble and i won big and i won bits here and there then it got bad i was not paying my bills and things got bad from there real quick lucky my wife stood by me and got me help and was with me every step of the way im trying to is gambling can be fun but you also got to know when to stop i love watching chip and nickslots and kim channel but please if you have a gamble addiction and these channels are making you feel tempted then stop watching dont ruin your life like i nearly did please get help chip is a professional at this he know when to stop sorry for ranting guys

  19. Was it bonus money

  20. Nice hit brother well done…. enjoy u weekend

  21. wow nice win chip

  22. Well ! I will go to fut of stairs! E! Bye gum. Nice win

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