Book of Ra MAX Stake!!! BIG Win or Fail???

Book of Ra MAX Stake!!! BIG Win or Fail???

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  1. Hey Bro not a hater but I know people who have lost there lives in a year to gambling I just wanted to know is your income very high as I don't think in the games u gamble ur ment to win like the rest of us. You make it seem so easy even when u lose a video later ur up 20k

  2. You get way to much stick for providing good entertainment it's your money don't see why people get so deep are you steaming tonight?

  3. Try be a bit smarter with the titles… we knew you had no big win since it's only 2 mins long

  4. Jacks are actually one of the best symbols to get in a Book of Ra bonus. You want a symbol in the 10-A range, because they're far more likely to drop in retriggers and full screens (J especially). It's the premiums that almost never show up for any decent expansions.

  5. What do you do for a living ?

  6. I knew from the downvotes before the video even started this was going to be a fail. I was not disappointed. Not even 30x. Lame

  7. Gambling is so addicting people that promote it to me are in the same bracket as drug dealers, do you ever sit and think that you might be getting people deep with gambling ? I don’t gamble personally but they is a few times I’ve sat and watched you win big money and thought I might try it, I can see why people lose everything from this. I watched dunovers video and I’m shocked affiliates make money from their followers loosing money, you are doing £40 spins cause people have lost their own money, not trying to hate on you just worry people will be getting into debt thinking they can get these kind of bonuses and big wins like you

  8. Max bet is £80 on boom of ra. Unless you win then everything drops. Bet365 dropped my max bet from £80 to £40 after a big win. Most I can bet on there automated roulette is a whole £1.

  9. Just an idea? You , Bandit, Nick and Jim ( the four UK guys I watch ) Do a challenge — £100 deposit each. Whoever wins the most? gives the profit to a charity.
    No reloads — £100 deposit — play low or high stakes?
    Could be fun for the viewers that can't bet £3 + stakes ???

  10. Nice balance thou bonus was shit

  11. It’s saving the big wins for your next live stream!
    You on tomorrow (Wed) Paul?

  12. Fail !

  13. Pls can we all see some sort of invoice we’re all the money for charity went pls

  14. Iron the skirting board…..Paul, iron the feckin skirting board !!!!

  15. This is why i could never do big stakes. If it wants to pay it will pay. You just have to hope your stakes big when the big one comes in

  16. I've seen worse mate! Call it a semi-fail >.<!

  17. Unlucky pal, hit and miss book of ra

  18. Aaah what a bummer

  19. Thanks for posting…

  20. Maaaaaate. All I can say is its money.

  21. If someone deserves it is you. Domt worry one day your gonna bring the house down

  22. Unlucky chief

  23. Pretty shite for a £40 stake paul.

  24. U was never getting more then a two on £40 spin especally with sevond best symbol prob better off with jacks or queens

  25. Ah man that's disappointing for a huge stake. Book of Ra is up there as one of my favourite games although the last 2 months it has royally had my pants down cant seem to hit any retriggers and my average bonus win is about 25 x. The beginning of the year I hit 4 explorers in the feature which paid me 1000 x my best win on Ra to date but pretty much fuck all since.

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