BOOK OF RA MEGA BIG WIN!! How Many Re Triggers??

BOOK OF RA MEGA BIG WIN!! How Many Re Triggers??

[ad_1] BOOK OF RA MEGA BIG WIN! You cant beat a Novomatic when its on fire like this. The Re Triggers went nuts!

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22 комментария

  1. 'Stream wank bank' hahaha loved the video mate nice cashout!!!

  2. And that's the reactions of a legit win you'd expect. These other channels with their 40k wins and no real emtions i.e jartu and his unemtional wife who murmured something like a half arswed yay on a 40k win makes spotting the fakes vs the real punters like you easy. Well done sir from down under. An entertaining watch indeed.

  3. poor kid

  4. Now that is a MEGA win. Fairplay mate

  5. come on

  6. These streamers are so bad for young impressionable vulnerable people, they sit and play and make out this BS lifestyle is all glamour, SIGN UP and join the Gold rush
    I call these streamers HOOKS, because all they are doing is promoting and encouraging you to join
    Make No mistake folks, by getting SUCKERED into this fake BS world you will lose, and when you do the Nicks and the Rolla's will be tucked up in bed giving Zero fucks about You and your empty bank account.
    Remember these 3 words……………………YOU WILL LOSE

  7. Get paid ohh my god get ducking paid congrats mate

  8. Shouting for retriggrers on 1st spin deserved a shit round

  9. great win mate wd

  10. What a blinder!…

  11. Fave streamers at the min, awesome and well done on that win! Just one thing, any chance you could stream in a bit higher quality than 480p? 😀

  12. Very sick win mate on 2 pound bet!!

  13. Awesome hit guys!! and a great impersonation 😀

  14. Nice one mate

  15. clown

  16. Awesome win :0 congrats mate

  17. nice hit Jamie. — don't think i've seen many videos with so many teases either.. loads.

  18. Nice win fella

  19. Think that deserves a subscribe well in mate

  20. Brilliant I love it… my fruity boys keeping it real! That is how we would react at home love it

  21. rumour has it david labowsky is now impersonating you haha

  22. And you wonder why your banned from his stream lol guys guys getting paid guys

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