Brandon Jennings Leads Pistons to Big WIn with Double-Double

Brandon Jennings Leads Pistons to Big WIn with Double-Double

[ad_1] Brandon Jennings records 34 points and 10 assists to lead the Pistons over the Raptors.

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36 комментариев

  1. This nigga jennings thinks he's Jesus lmao he's nice tho he'll give any point guard buckets

  2. Dammit! I clicked on this video just to see JJ's TOP TEN on some Detroit and some random bullshit.

  3. Becoming a top 3 point guard.

  4. I guarantee next season this team will be in the 3 seed or higher next year.

  5. the art of floating

  6. never doubted him. fuck the haters

  7. Deeeeeetroit Basketballllll….

  8. The cancer leaves the pistons start winning the cancer left Atlanta the hawks are now winners

  9. It's that dude nucreature, get to know the man behind next era sports next era sounds and more. A Christ production. See what he is talking about. Check the nucreature speaks on Google+ also on facebook type nucreaturespeaks and on twitter @nucreaturespeak. Making a difference the Christ way. Part of my purpose

  10. all these comments are stupid as fuck 

  11. Pistons making it to the ECF. Someone debate with me.

  12. Let's go!!!!

  13. Haha he threw so many floaters over JV. Happy for Jonas's career high but wtf kinda D was that

  14. Pistons are back, folks.

  15. Lowry is so bad man I've had enough of watching these raptor games and seeing Lowry throw up 30 shots and make 5 and the crowd chanting mvp like no people the real chant should be "we want derozan"

  16. he scored 55 points in 3 quarters

  17. Damn, that walk and stare at the end. Cold motherfucker.

  18. Jennings gets buckets dog

  19. I'm happy with his play. He improved so much.

  20. if you want to see fatLOwry loose the ball by Jennings 1:36

  21. There's so much trash talking in these comments, I'm a bulls fan and we got wrecked by Orlando but I just say ''yeah they played better than we did'' and then move on. Are you guys all 12 or something?

  22. Underrated point guard

  23. very underrated since day 1

  24. Brandon Jennings was always streaky but talented. In Milwaukee, I thought he had to carry the scoring load which led to inefficient shots, and then when they got Monta, their skill sets were too overlapping and they clashed. Early in Detroit, he should have done well but they didn't have shooters and Josh Smith fucked up everyone's games. Now, without Smith, with shooters and finishers around him, and with the ball in his hands, everything just aligned for him to explode. Go Detroit! #WeTheFuckingWall   #DetroitBasketball  

  25. Still good game though. JV was a beast tonight! Why D.Casey sits Jonas on the bench again on the second half? Such a bitch, Jonas gone through Pistons defense like a beast! 14/15. WTF CASEY, YOU FUCKING MORON THAT YOU DON'T USE JV AS YOU COULD. Shout out for JV guys!!!

  26. Nappy headed bitch killed Kyle Lowry cheese burger face ass #StayMeloMyFriends

  27. This team reminds a lot of Allen Iverson's 76ers; this is what happens when a great talent meets a good coach.

  28. Bad boy pistonz r back fuck the others

  29. Cant wait till the Wizards and my Cavs go at it for 7 games in the conference finals for a chance to meet Memphis in the Finals. Tranlanta, Shitcago and Toronto are gonna collapse in the playoffs as always.

  30. Jennings tore apart Kyle Lowry tonight

  31. Pistons on fire…. Second best team in the east in 2015….

  32. lol next thing u know, if the pistons continue to play well, there'll be usernames like "PistonsHater135" and "Detroit Piss" commenting on the NBA channel.

  33. Raptors are just waiting on one man to return. Pistons won a close one but had DeRozan been in the mix and Raptors cut down on the damn turnovers, it would have been over a long time ago. 

  34. I predict Detroit will be 5 or 6 seed

  35. lmao Raptors fans STAND UP!! Great win tonight against the sorry Pistons.

  36. 0:36 The pistons guy just pushed the other guy right into the camera
    Isn't that charging

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