Brazil slot Big Win on Bonus@ Ladyluck Casino

Brazil slot Big Win on Bonus@ Ladyluck Casino

[ad_1] Nice Win on Aristocrat’s Brazil Slot. I was betting $2.00 a hit. [ad_2]

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  1. why won't you plz press the button?? Boring! thumbs down! SUCKED!!

  2. Is this in blackhawk?

  3. Is this in blackhawk?

  4. yeah that was ….weird huh?…it WAS her tho…no?

  5. @Jacob ,Thats why u should always bet big if it didnt hit for a while. I hate that when it happens to me too.

  6. Thanx@ 878superman. I wish the best of luck to you and hope to see a post of your own on this game.

  7. Poor

  8. what is that wispering at 11 second mark its strange a ghost?

  9. Thanx for watching

  10. Try it Tim, its pretty good. But patience is the key. Thanx for the comment.

  11. Great hit! I haven't seen this machine before but LOVE Aristocrat games! I will look for this machine in Vegas in June.Again, congratulations on your BIG WIN!!!

  12. Thanx Bucking.

  13. Great Hit. Thanks for showing.

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