Breaking News out of New York! Democrats get a BIG WIN | Anthony Brindisi vs Claudia Tenney

Breaking News out of New York! Democrats get a BIG WIN | Anthony Brindisi vs Claudia Tenney

[ad_1] ► Local News Today: Today, the Democrats received more good news with the revelation that one of the party’s candidates, Anthony Brindisi, has beat out incumbent Republican Representative Claudia Tenney of New York’s 22nd Congressional District
This defeat is especially galling for the GOP given the fact that the Trump administration campaigned heavily for Tenney. Trump himself, as well as his children, personally stumped for her. In August, the president visited Utica and raised $650,000 for Tenney, an effort which has luckily proved ultimately pointless. Trump Jr. rallied for her. Ivanka Trump made appearances with her. Eric Trump campaigned for her.


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  1. So far the only disappointing result in these elections was Florida!

  2. Thank God

  3. The Senate is next in 2020

  4. Hi Julia Anna…Please do not refer to us as Trump's enemies…We are Americans who believe in the rule of law and who are the champions of democracy..
    We abhor the authoritarian idealism of Trump and his minions…We are not the enemy..We are the American people with American values…..And we want justice for the attacks on our Republic by Trump and his sycophants….

  5. congratulations to Democrats in new York…I'm live in canada not usa but I'm supporting Democrats.

  6. When democrats win America loses.

  7. This independent says it's time too impeach this whole administration. Also time too make the republicans party a criminal treasonous and traitor party to this country. It's time to rid this rid this nation of the greedy corrupt and thieves of the special interests groups and individuals and big corporations that have bought are elected officials. They have received special breaks , in taxes and corporate welfare at the hands of the republicans while the average American gets screwed. It's time to rid this nation of of this practice and make them pay their fair share also. I believe in everyone being equal.


  9. Donny is A master manipulator that will stop at nothing to reign supreme even if it means cheating and debauchery

  10. The other way of saying trump big lost.

  11. most people are very happy, and provide of the blue keep winning,and we need the blue too wins, and they did it, and that what happened when you vote for the right people,

  12. Thank God, finally good news. It's often depressing as of late.

  13. The ever growing number of Dems in house is exciting.However,as a Fla resident,the reality that deplorable racist Trump Acolyte DeSantis and despicable fraudster ,environment destroyer, Democracy crushing Scott have joined ranks with Rubio ; is a hard pill to swallow…a devastating situation. Keeping in mind what has gone on in Fla politics in the past and the ludicrous and false claims and projections that the GOP had been making and with a article in MSM that read that some young female attorney was the Secret weapon to the GOP pulling off the victories…I have to question if the Dems folded to easily.
    Just imagining the new and creative ways the combined forces of these deplorables will come up with to totally screw over their constituents. Constituents ,the apparent majority of whom have no concept of self preservation

  14. Even with all of the election-riggings the Dems squashed the corrupt RepubliCONS! Just imagine how many more seats we would have won without the corrupt GOP rigging elections all over the place!

  15. At least sane American people are finding out they're Nazi's / Fascist.

  16. Amen to tht comment

  17. Cortez says Let's help west side of Chicago….45 could not point at a map to show you where Chicago is or any black or brown neighborhood mainly the projects….


  19. Albert castaneda. Me to i am happy happy we have to keep going high. Arriba arriba. Asi me gusta. Adios i hope you understand my language i am in heaven

  20. Keep it up! I like your work.

  21. Can't hardly wait to see this Traitors tax returns. The REPU-BLIKKKON party is dead.

  22. A few days ago, a conservative American journalist called the American president a global “beacon for repression” to his face, on a major conservative American TV channel; Trump did not deny that damning accusation. Many American presidents were beacons for freedom, hope, and decent moral values; none for media repression! Another “America's First” for our wannabe-dictator!

    It is becoming clear that the responsible and professional journalists and reporters employed by his TV propaganda channel are becoming increasingly disgusted by his non-stop lying, meanness, nastiness and incitement against the media. In fact, there are serious rumors that he plans to launch a government- owned propaganda channel to replace Faux News as his loyal defender. This is straight out of the playbook of tyrants, dictators, autocrats, and supreme leaders.

    Trump is getting more desperate by the hour as the release of Mueller's report draws close. He is extremely dangerous and there is every possibility that he will do something worse than anybody expects. His White Supremacy (ex-GOP) Party whores still pander to his excesses and whatever Trump does they are as guilty as he is; they are betraying their oath of office and America!

  23. Trump brand sucks so go bye bye

  24. Yes we took ny thank God keep going and take it all


  26. Excellent news.

  27. Julia, you must be the most un-Trump American there is. Keep up the good work.

  28. Majority Rule! Like it or leave! The electric couch! Cutting the cost of executing traitors

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