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BREAKING : Trump Gets Big Win On Border Wall As 30 House Democrats Call On Pelosi To -Fund The Wall-

BREAKING : Trump Gets Big Win On Border Wall As 30 House Democrats Call On Pelosi To -Fund The Wall-

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  1. lol…democRats starting to jump ship like, well, Rats. You can tell by the steadily decreasing comments/views. They running from the wall like they ran from Kavanaugh and Ocasio Cortez when she predict world's end. But they'll be back when they create something else to be butthurt about!……lol

  2. Look at Pelosi..still playing with her false teeth..showing off her fake boobs..too bad the diapers spot isnt on her butt..hi heels are killing her feet…shes out in full regallia showing she stumped the TRUMP…SORRY DEAR…YOU GOT YOUR DIAPERS IN A TWIST…HAHAHA..OLD FOOL. DONT MESS WITH TRUMP..HE WILL NAIL YOUR ASS EVERY TIME..BET ON IT!!!!! He's GENIUS..FORGOT THAT, RIGHT!!!

  3. Polosi is Guilty of Treason. She is Guilty of Subversion against the U.S To Keep our Borders open. An not Honor the American lives of American Ppl.

  4. No Nancy's a fuckinh piece of ship who should be hung for treason

  5. Pelosi is in need of a…"retro-active abortion"…something Dems would like for all of us…annoying Patriotic Americans

  6. Sounds like he's a decent Democrat who is willing to work with the President.

  7. For the cost of a stamp, everyone needs to send a letter to President Trump with one message IMPEACH NANCY PELOSI. Sign your name. Do it today. Make your voice heard.

  8. Nancy Pelosi is a falling down drunk who is mentally unstable and she has no business trying to ruin our country she hates trump so much she is willing to let innocent people die and drugs and gangs and sex trafficking come in to our country the only woman i know of that seems to have more power than the president of the United states what the hell is going on

  9. Nancy don't Care, about the cost of the shut down, 3 Billion… it all about Dirty
    Politics … it all about cover-up the pass as Trump, call for the Cleaning out of the Swamp ! The Pass, catching up to them ! all the money thieving out of Government ! from Senators & Congress ! lots of them would faces Prison !!!

  10. So the last shutdown cost 11 billion for a month. So the 5.7 billion should sound pretty good. Build the wall….

  11. Why has Nancy been meeting with Obama

  12. Whores hate Trump. They want to kill babys.

  13. US representative Moe Brooks found a loophole that allows the president to direct the military build the wall.

    10- USC 284 Does not require a declaration of national emergency to be implemented. It gives the president the power to build the wall right now.

  14. Her job is to work with the other party not to opposed every single move.

  15. Pelosi should have already been charged for treason!

  16. Nancy is old News and CNN is Fake News. Good for this Democrat, get things done.

  17. Pres. Trump is my modern american hero "making america great again". Securing the US borders, against illegal immigrants / trespassers is great. I am also securing my property for protection against tresspassers and there is nothing wrong protecting and putting border. BORDER SECURITY IS NATIONAL SECURITY

  18. How is it? ONE person..and a person from a state that's basically in a state of insurrection against the federal government…decides how hundreds of her party members will vote? I thought we were SUPPOSED to have "representative government". That means every congressional district has a person who votes for the best interests of their constituency… as well as the best interests of the entire nation. Having this "Speaker of the House" and "Speaker of the Senate" positions are a direct threat to our form of government. We now ALL see the dangers of political parties…. that even George Washington worried about. Political Parties ring the death knell of ALL Democracies.

  19. Well then I guess she's about to be exposed.
    I have no illusion the chills or any other way than against Trump.
    But I do believe that God has the ability to do things with the greatest odds against this

  20. The people don't want NATO — No action talk only. Proceed with the wall. It's now or never.


  22. I sure hope they are gonna get this going. come on we can't take any more migrants whatsoever. our homeless need help. we have states freezing may be running out of gas even deaths too. storms fires have distroyed homes of Americans we need to spend only money we have and help Americans. we dont need any more people.

  23. Bless this Democrat; he actually makes sense!

  24. But will the senate approve it?

  25. President will have DEMOCRATS realize it's not the wall their against it's the PRESIDENT WONDERFUL PRESIDENT

  26. Nancy clearly has mental health issues—is there an amendment of the Constitution which addresses that as respects Speaker of House?

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