BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Win In Court – Dems Sh.ocked

BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Win In Court – Dems Sh.ocked

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  1. Well you don’t have to worry about it anymore because when the Crooked Democrats
    DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO STEAL THE 2020 presidential election but in reality President Trump has only gotten millions of new supporters that have switched from Being Democrats to now be a registered Republican so basically President Trump beat Crooked Hillary Clinton by the biggest margin ever

  2. I think President Trrmp did and excellent job . on the border security and i am in favor of what ever more President Trump intends to do . what ever he decides will only improve the conditions for America

  3. All Americans win, when Trump wins. The Demo-rats are working for the enemy.


  5. Democrats should stop wasting the taxpayers money!!!


  7. God save Mr. Trump the great American president, again in 2020.

  8. The United states America it is evils not good places to live in go back where they coming from right now and the zombies will eat all the illegal immigrants people right now and god bless America

  9. The United states America people and kids can not speak Spanish but we can speak English not Spanish in the English school can help illegal immigrants people to speak English just like United states America right now in please building the wall right now for the United states America and people in kids right now and we will be safe right now and god bless America

  10. The new economic and social climate can’t handle an uncontrolled number of immigrants whether legal or not.The truth is that the vast majority of asylum seekers claims are completely bogus.So there is a need of much tougher laws.Anyone who is caught entering or living in the country without the right documentation should be summarily and automatically deported without any further consideration.

  11. So great to have a Pro-American President….after the 8 miserable years of the Kenyan Klown Kluster-fk.

  12. A very simple question I ask my liberal family and friends. Do you want people to come through your front door invited or uninvited through a back window?

  13. Let’s take care of our own Americans first, our homeless, better care for our veterans. We as Americans should take priority!

  14. good these people have to come here legally. end of story..peace out

  15. Their not dems their communist trash!

  16. I can NOT understand WHY the dems continue to put the rights of illegal immigrants ahead of US citizens. Thank God for President Trump and may he continue to bless this man and keep him from any harm the dems will do or try to do to him. I'm in favor of changing the rules and allowing President Trump to continue as President forever!! lol. Why not the dems change the rules all the time, why can't we?


  18. I grew with Mr. Goans. Homeless American Citizens and Veterans should come first!!

  19. All immigrants need to wait their turn. In Mexico not the USA.

  20. Got any more injunctions you want to send to the Supreme Court, Democrats? Maybe change current past rulings Roe v. Wade, Affordable Care Act, DACA? A Supreme Court revisit might change your mind on detracting the President.

  21. All you need to know about democrats is they do not display flag on debates stages and Biden cannot get himself to say God during one of his campaign speeches

  22. 99.9% are not seeking asylum,their seeking a freeloaders lifestyle with NO
    concern about the law of the land,or its citizens.GFY.

  23. Are you down with mpp, yeah you know me.

  24. there is no 1 answer …along as aliens come to my country to be better and part of the USA is a start …Trump is the one that has the guts to do something …the dummy demos is trying to get to be liked so they will let anyone and everyone come in,….. there stupidity thinking think that they will be liked ….all the idiot demos get is disrespected .

  25. We are not the welfare for the world do you want asylum go somewhere else united state is closed until further notice we are $23 trillion in debt we’re not buying any green new deal until we get our debt settled there will be no new purchases so all you new candidate trying to give away free shit it’s not gonna happen

  26. Let's ask all these liberals how many are they taking home and being financially responsible for
    Well we're waiting

  27. Let's "catch and release" all rabid dogs too, while we're at it.

  28. Catch and release is something that they do to wild animals. I love the zoo references they are always putting on us. These scumbags need to be taken off the earth.

  29. Read my latest essay exposing the Treachery and Cowardice at Harvard Law School @

  30. Maybe now they will finally get it! They're not welcome and no more freebies! Bye bye bums!

  31. That's strictly Mexico's problem

  32. Do Democrats ever talk about the rights of American Citizens and Legal Immigrants?

  33. Not wanted in Pennsylvania, send them ALL BACK to WHERE THEY CAME FROM!

  34. Deport all ILLEGALS until they have been accepted as legal residents. That means apply for citizenship and if approved they must be employed within 90 days or they will be deported back to their home country! We don't need any illegals on welfare period. Either their asses go to work or they are deported out of here! Simple but fair!

  35. It is not Americas job to provide protection to foreigners who want to come here illegaly. Maybe they should stay in their own country and make it better.

  36. Keep MPP IN CHECK FOR LIFE AND AND RETURNS KILL EM ON SIGHT IF THEY WHERE DENIED THE FIRST TIME and send back any Mexicans that are citizens that break the law and end up in prison and deny there citizenship for the rest of there life and the citizenship of there families as well

  37. Huge ! screw her and her cruel

  38. American citizens disabled veteran should be first for anything

  39. We are not taking care of our own people, yet there are Americans that want to let people enter aand go unchecked. I think in my humble opinion that these people should be paying to cover the illegal immigrants, along with the courts that rule on these cases. Put America first. Better yet see if they can go into another country and do the same as they rule here.

  40. Quit paying people to bring you across the border go back home save up your money come in the legal way now that's America. And no food stamps no free medical I don't get free medical I'm on disability why should they and they're not even legal

  41. Demo on the way celebrate when I joyfully own love surname password is either proffered

  42. Try and keep up. This NEWS is five days old.

  43. They have "fear of returning home" but they proudly wave their country's flag like they have nothing to fear except fear of getting deported which they should immediately be.  Enough already!  If you're not in country legally you will be sent back home, no exceptions!

  44. Open Borders/Globalism is the real "Death to America" from democrats and RINOs.

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