[ad_1] BRENT GETS A SUPER BIG WIN!! PLANET MOOLAH (MAX BET!!!) Slot Machine Bonus Win Videos!

I have played a LOT of Planet Moolah, Wizard of Oz, and The Simpsons over the past few months, so you’re going to see some AMAZING wins on those games. MAX BET TOO!!!! ENJOY!!!

I often go to LAS VEGAS CASINOS to gamble and play the SLOT MACHINES, hoping for BIG WINS!!! But, as we all know with SLOT MACHINES, getting a JACKPOT ain’t easy. Hell, getting a SUPER BIG WIN ain’t easy!!! At some point, we’re just hoping for a BONUS. Usually a «handpay» strikes on a slot machine when you are least expecting it! So enjoy the slot videos, and have FUN!!!!

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You can find those wins here:

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  1. I totally agree with you . You should of won more

  2. Nice run and great win, but like you say over 100 spins and you’d have hoped for more

  3. Brent, I love your videos.  You play a lot like I do…slap the machine lightly to "wake it up" after dead spins, play with your mom and dad, tell your parent/friend to walk away cuz they're messing with your ju-ju, etc.  My mom doesn't even wait for me to ask, she just says, you want me to walk away?  lol!  Keep em coming and get that Unicow AGAIN!  I know I keep trying!  🙂

  4. Next time please call SD GUY so you can curse at each other while the payoff increases. The machine could had then paid more trying to gey you both on a gentle and respectfull mode.

  5. Congrats on the awesome win and the band was great as well!!

  6. SDGUY wanted me to tell you this, "Fuck you Brent"

  7. Hey Brent love your channel and I agree with you that it should of been a lot more at max bet. I was at casino Niagara yesterday and was playing the Crystal forest version to this I got the rainbow orb and ended up with only 30 spins I was so upset and complaining but the people around me thought I was crazy and should of been happy with the 30 spins needless to say I was furious so I get where you are coming from

  8. Nice win

  9. u sing good brett

  10. I’m subscribed but your not showing up in notification. Pisses me off when that happens. Congratulations on that win. I have a cousin that plays blackjack she will say oh I was winning til you came around. Thing is Ive watched her play from afar or be right behind her 20 mins before she knows & she hadn’t won $hit! Lol.

  11. Wow awesome bonus on a game that with max bet takes $100 in literally one min!!!!

  12. What's with all the queers slots channels???

  13. 200x….nothing to complain about

  14. About time Brent!!!! Where have you been? Awesome win!!!

  15. With 136 spins at a $3.50 bet, this bonus should have paid at least 1K.

  16. CONGRATS!! Really nice run.

  17. Fabulous win — you deserved it!

  18. I actually like the sound effects of planet moolan.

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