Britney Spears Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win !!!

Britney Spears Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win !!!

[ad_1] Denomination — Penny
Total Bet — $2.50 Max Bet

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16 комментариев

  1. Love this game although it doesn't pay out for shit, it makes up for it in obnoxiousness.

  2. just do the damn video and keep your trap shut.

  3. I wanna play

  4. nice bonus

  5. This was sooo fun to watch

  6. A lot like the CDC wheel

  7. You're so funny!! This was great and entertaining!! Thank you for brightening my day!!! ;))

  8. Great fun slot great bonus too sweet !

  9. This game is stupidly fun….

  10. MORE

  11. She paid out more than I ever got out of that beyotch….This is a slot I love to hate, but I'll still play it and lose my damn money..Good hit SDGUY..

  12. Not a bad win at all, especially on this slot. Recently took a poll with some friends and we all put this slot machine somewhere in the top 5 worst slots made in the last couple years. However, I voted it in the top 5 for slot music. =D

  13. love it. on our way to the local Indian casino. gonna play this bitch win we get there. #getitgirl

  14. Nice bonus!
    Thanks for sharing

  15. it's funny I hate the cdc wheel on the walking dead but I always love when I get this bonus!

  16. Please don't record in this mode again it really sucks ass!

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