Buffalo Gold FINALLY gives me a BIG WIN BONUS !! Coins & MULTIPLIERS !

Buffalo Gold FINALLY gives me a BIG WIN BONUS !! Coins & MULTIPLIERS !

[ad_1] Slot Queen lands an unbelievable huge win on the buffalo gold slot machine . While we are all waiting for las vegas reopen after the world wide casino closures , lets check out some past videos. The las vegas mayor might be crazy, but I’m not, these are some big wins and great slot machine videos on youtube. Maybe I’ll start a las vegas vlog when it reoopens, until then, lets enjoy some slot machine big win. Enjoy this live play and big win, its better than the las vegas news for sure !

Welcome to my slot channel! I’m a mom that enjoys her getaways to the casinos playing the slots. I’ll post real life slot play that includes big wins and losses! I upload videos every day of the week and try to live stream from the casino once a week! I play in Northern CA and Reno.


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Buffalo Gold FINALLY gives me a BIG WIN BONUS !! Coins & MULTIPLIERS !

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  1. I am still chasing the 15 Gold Heads too! Made it to 13 a few weeks ago. $60 in and cashed out with a little over $300 so it was a decent day. Love your channel SQ and hubby. You guys are fun to watch. I also love BC's channel!

  2. I hate the slapping! Not only is it annoying but I always seem to end up at machines with broken buttons.

  3. I'm part of the 15 head club! Nice win on this machine!

  4. Slot Queen, your commentary
    while you're playing the slots
    makes videos more enjoyable!
    Congrats Slot Queen $618.42
    won on a penny slot machine:
    only a $1.80 bet —》thanks to
    many free games! Congrats#2
    A $700/+ Win on $100 invest!
    You Had 》》"Lady Luck"《《
    Was super all on one machine!
    After $618.42 win —》I added
    this comment: gave vid a like!

    — Dancing Louie

  5. But thank you for hitting the button instead of killing us while it adds up! 🙂

  6. All slappers should have their hands chopped off. Yes both and not in a nice fashion. With a dull axe.

  7. Good timing on the cash out!

  8. am i the only one who feels horny after all those oh yes oh yes oh yes?

  9. Hate to admit it sometime I can be a button slapped mostly on dragon link but it seems to be every casino I go to it’s like that.

  10. Recently I have noticed people knocking on the screens and slapping! It is the most ridiculous and super annoying! Once 3 ladies came and sat 2 on my row and 1 on the machine behind me and all 3 were knocking and slapping!! Crazy people!

  11. No don't just quit keep playing cash out at $200 you still got a lot more spins to go

  12. yes!!!!The slapping is ridiculous and very annoying! I have left many a machine I wanted to pay because I can not take the slapping! congratulations on the great hits! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are staying safe!

  13. Omg here in Tampa is so bad with slappers its so bad i dont pkay near them bc I have a mouth

  14. The "slapping" of the slot machine button IS NOT an epidemic….how about covid-19 killing thousands of people being an epidemic you insensitive prick!

  15. I think people are slapping because they know it annoys a lot of people, and they're probably trying to force you off a machine so they can get on it.

  16. I hate the slappers. They are so annoying and ignorant. They are the reason half the machines have buttons that don't work or get stuck. We always tell people "…you need to slap that button harder if you really want to win, it works for me every time!". They can't figure out if we are serious or not. Dummies…

  17. I have gotten 15 heads 4 or 5 times now. My best win with 15 was on a $.60 bet… it was over $600. My only hand pay was on Buffalo playing $3.60 but only got 14 heads! I think I went my last 35 spins needing one and never got it but it was a $2300 win so I was ok!

  18. I think they do it cause they no u dnt like it some people are just like that u just ave 2 ignore them hoping that they will just go away and just enjoy urself lol

  19. Can't wait to go and play.

  20. Nice! I’ve had 15 heads 4 times, 2 jackpots -$1600 and $7000. Slapping, banging all that beating on machines is so annoying. The only reason to slap is if the button is stuck, seems like so many people jam their card under the button to do “auto spin “ which starts to cause the buttons to not work well. I wish casinos would clamp down on the machine abuse. #loyalroyal

  21. Hi Danielle, I got 15 heads 4 times , Buffalo gold has been really great to me this year my last big win was on March 6th on max bet 6 dollars and won over 8 grand ,I cant wait for Ohio's casinos to reopen…Best of luck to you and those 15 heads will come wish there was a way to show you my pic of my win ..it was Amazing

  22. slappers should be banned…… they spoil your game I complain to the staff, they soon tell them to stop…

  23. I think it is the same everywhere diffently Alberta canada were I live

  24. Wheeling is opening on June 5th! Planning a trip for June 19th! I got that Wheeling Feeling! Hope you all stay safe!

  25. Awesome

  26. Great buffalo bonus SQ! Glad you got a big bonus!

  27. In Oklahoma in the smaller casinos will ask you once nicely to stop slapping and then ask you to leave. In the bigger casinos I don’t notice as much. I usually just move. No 15 buffaloes for me either!! I have had a jackpot of 2200, 50 spins and 14 buffalo! One of these days I’m hoping! Love you and slot hubby!!

  28. enjoying so many coins great Beth NJ

  29. I love watching people hit it big on Buffalo. Seriously, It is really a hard game for many, especially Me! Congrats. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

  30. Slapping is pretty bad at my local casinos…resulting in a lot of broken buttons or cracked screens

  31. Can you imagine a mask with a no slapping across it. Lol

  32. Slapping can be bad At Winstar in Oklahoma

  33. Great bonus with a follow up awesome line hit — I miss buffalo……. thanks

  34. 15 head club 7 times. Biggest was 1.80 bet….jackpot of 7300.00

  35. Slap slippers.

  36. Great video with a huge Buffalo win. That was a thing of beauty. Definitely a RAM approved video receiving the coveted RAM stamp of approval.

  37. I was stationed in Germany and they have slots on post and casinos in the towns close by. Slapping wasn't really an issue there

  38. I have got 15 heads 2 * times. Both times at a dollar 20 bet one-time 2280. The other time 2160 good luck love your Channel

  39. And that's why Buffalo Gold is my favorite; big bonuses for little bets.

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