Buffalo Gold Slot Machine! BIG Bets! HUGE WIN!!!

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine! BIG Bets! HUGE WIN!!!

[ad_1] Decided to up my bets on Buffalo Gold Slot Machine to $6!
Ended up paying off HUGE! Enjoy!!!

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  1. No taxes!! Yes!!

  2. I'm sorry type :mega win 75 cent bet

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  4. Also check out my low roll bet @ San Manuel huge win

  5. Check out and type:Dragon link enormous win after 3 jackpots $50.00 bet and be my first subscriber lol

  6. Since watching your videos I've won a little over $5k off of slot machines. That's since the beginning of this year. Keep winning, so I can keep winning!

  7. Awesome!

  8. No grand .She already had hit the jackpot 3 times on same machine with a few majors then she raised her bet to $50.00 a game when she got the link feature and we all seen where she got a lot of coins and then a 10k coin dropped!$1.00 denomination

  9. Great win, congratulations!

  10. Is buffalo your favorite game? seems like it

  11. Very nice hit!

  12. Thank you for the fun of gambling thru you

  13. i just catchup to this video that was awesome best of luck lasy or sure i say buffalo lady oxoxo

  14. Wooow nice win $ $ congratulations beautiful 🙂

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