Buffalo Gold Slot Machine — BIG WIN w/$12 Bet Bonus | Chasing Bonus on Wild Fury Slot Machine

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine — BIG WIN w/$12 Bet Bonus | Chasing Bonus on Wild Fury Slot Machine

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  1. good job NG wtg man !!! i was just wondering , whats your opinion on using your players card ? can the casino track your bets? what your comps are ? and does it affect you winning or not? how much you spend and lose and win ? does the players card track all that ? just wondering bud

  2. Sweet line hit! Great action

  3. congrats NG.good job :)))

  4. You got yourself a new subscriber! Even though my boyfriend has been watching you for a long time , I barely got around to seeing your videos and they are great!

  5. Hi NG my friend. Thank you for another great video. Blessings to you and your family always

  6. Nice big bet and win on BG! The colors looks so bright and vivid on Wild Fury. New phone?

  7. Nice win NG.

  8. Buffaloooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Good run and great win on the Buffalo Gold, congrats! Hope you will get more spins and more sun sets on your next adventure.

  10. Is there a Tell that your going to get the bonus on Wild Fury or No ? @Ngslot

  11. Wild Fury is a great game. Tough to get a bonus! Sure is a lot of fun to play though! The line hits help to keep you going.

  12. thanks for the video NG!!!

  13. Way to go On the buffalo slot that was a good win.

  14. Save some wins for us

  15. The bonus is really hard to get on wild fury, nice line hits though. Great bonus win on buffalo gold!

  16. The continuous stopping of the slotmachine is annoying.

  17. That Wild fury I think is junk ! I tried it few times and no bonus . Nice video NG !

  18. Good morning NG☕
    Best of Luck to you buddy!

  19. Beautiful win ng good one my friend thanks for the video

  20. Nice line hit! Too bad no bonus on Wild Fury!

  21. your the best NG, love your videos and think you are sooooooo great

  22. Best of luck NG!

  23. I love watching people win buffalo gold.. my biggest win is 1000x… But recently buffalo is getting cold

  24. Hi NG . Good job NG

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