Buffalo Grand **BIG WIN** Slot Machines — Caesars, Las Vegas

Buffalo Grand **BIG WIN** Slot Machines — Caesars, Las Vegas

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12 комментариев

  1. I got over 90 spin the other day and didn't pay that well with 3 dollars bet lol

  2. this past weekend i saw somebody's machine had 54 free spins.

  3. Nice play keep Up the good work!

  4. loving the buffalo slots,good bonus

  5. Great win. People need to realize. Your not out there trying to lose what you win or think your going to get rich playing. Your big hand pay will come. What people don't realize those other videos with big hand pays will they don't show or talk about how much they spent they only show a win never full video some never show loses so people think wow they win all the time. No one is that lucky to win every time they play a slot. I think your videos more than anyone's your down to earth funny and REAL!

  6. I like how this version of the buffalo game spells "Phenomenal" correctly, but the other version spells it "Phenominal." Glad someone corrected it.

  7. this is not big win it is shit aahaha donk not even x100

  8. Rubbish!

  9. That is a shame playing that much get all those free spins and not even one buffalo run out at the top
     You would expect more than that on so many spins

  10. You consider that a "BIG WIN"? I don't think so!

  11. good!

  12. man that was quite bad for max bet, lucky the bonus wheel paid, cool vid though

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