[ad_1] Finally…FINALLY did something worthwhile on BUFFALO!!!!
Max Bet, at the Encore, Las Vegas.

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  1. I love how you had a full reel of SHIT on reel 1 and a full reel of PREMIUM on reel 5…..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.

  2. That was a great hit nrent keep up the ggod hit I like buffalo game dont like the

  3. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks for the first time what is the secret?

  4. Congratulations

  5. I won $4,906.50 once about a year ago beting max at $4 got 3 buffalo on 1st reel 3 buffalo on second reel x2 on 3rd reel and 3 buffalo on 4th and 5th reel .i.still.wonder how much i could have won if the x2 was instead a x3

  6. Nice win

  7. That's nice win even without any Buffalo or higher paying symbols! 
    Congrats Brent

  8. Very nice bonus. Congrats. Elk could have been cool on first reel but still awesome to see all 3 wilds.

  9. Wow you are watching to much of vlr lately lol betting big. Nice win pal.

  10. Very nice! Congrats!

  11. Nice betting and nice bonus Brent!

  12. Nice hit. yeah, a premium symbol or 6 of a kind would have be huge. Congrats and thanks for posting.

  13. Very nice! Was in Vegas last week and won nothing!

  14. wtf doode  you dint even hit any of the high paying symbols

  15. That paid a lot for just those shitty symbols, that's why I love this game.

  16. You do such an awesome job with your thumbnails lol. Such a mystery. Awesome win.

  17. Great job BW! Congrats

  18. I bet it was a nice win but idk if it was my phone but I couldn't see the amount… Maybe cuz of the light on the screen ? 🙁
    Anyway I'm just guided for what u were saying in the video .. congrats 😉

  19. great win imagine if that was a better symbol at the beginning

  20. Yes, that is lovely — nice one! Big bet for this game…you brave boy. 🙂

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