BUFFALO STAMPEDE Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN AND LINE HIT! Aristocrat Slots

BUFFALO STAMPEDE Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN AND LINE HIT! Aristocrat Slots

[ad_1] BUFFALO!!! Buffalo Stampede Slot Machine : Here we have a nice line hit with 5 of a kind buffalos along with a multiplier! Following the line hit is a bonus round with retriggers, big wins and multipliers! Check it out!

Slot Machine: Buffalo Stampede Slot Machine by Aristocrat Slots
Denom: 1c (penny)
Total Bet: $3.00


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  1. This past Monday, July 2nd 2018 a woman playing this slot machine hit the progressive jackpot for 1.2 MILLION dollars at The Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.

  2. Dont like this buffalo
    Prefer buffalo gold
    Good win tho congrats

  3. makes me wanna go play Sun buffalo

  4. Hi, went to Desert Diamond Casino, well worth it, came home a Winner back Dec. 29,2015 after a Hockey game.  I have 2 right turns and one left turn and I am there,lol..whoo hooo


  6. Great win! Very hard to get on this game at my local casino.

  7. seriously LAME get a real job.

  8. it kinda seems like the pays aren't that good or am i wrong?

  9. This new buffalo looks awesome.

  10. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this machine

  11. That was so awesome. I played this tonight but only bet 1.50. I got one line hot of about $100 and called it a night LOL.

  12. I was playing this same machine yesterday on a 2.25 bet. Hit the feature and kept getting small wins. Retriggered about 7 times, and on the second to last spin I hit 850.00 bucks. It was eagles with two 4x and one 3x! It was pretty exciting for a 2.25 dollar bet!

  13. He's one lucky bastard man;)

  14. so hard to watch, poor recording, good wins tho.

  15. What you can win money in this slot your the first person I seen win in this one, I got the bones once and paid me $5 wanted to smash that machine in a million pieces.

  16. nice !

  17. Gggf

  18. "Omg where's the last buffalooooooooooo? Sheeesh." lol 😛

  19. If ever can this game be free to all in mobile users downloaded through play store since they've removed it somewhere where I have been playing this.

  20. But, how much money did you put back???

  21. Fun Win, KB!!

  22. Aaah man, where was the stampede when you hit that amazing 12x 4 reel buffalo?  Great win regardless — congrats. 

  23. Great video and wow nice hits

  24. Great wins, and love the video kbr!  Well done 🙂

  25. You ever notice that this slot cabinet looks like a giant iphone?
    Great hits btw.

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