CAN CAN Slot — MAX BET! — BIG WIN! — MAJOR + Slot Bonus Win — Slot Machine Bonus

CAN CAN Slot — MAX BET! — BIG WIN! — MAJOR + Slot Bonus Win — Slot Machine Bonus

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CAN CAN Slot — MAX BET! — BIG WIN — MAJOR + Slot Bonus Win — Slot Machine Bonus

Well, it has been a long time since I have uploaded one of these slot machine bonus wins. I am really enjoying this game more now that it has been out for a good while. Today, I am featuring a High-Kick Slot Bonus, a Slot Machine bonus feature and a Major Progressive plus a nice credit win and spin bonus. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, like, tweet and subscribe. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Which Casino was this? You said it had a self serve soda machine! There are only two on the Gulfcoast that have that. The Hard Rock Casino and Island View Casino. The Wind Creek in Atmore, AL does too. it's a nice idea and you don't have to wait for a waiter or pay a tip to get a watered down soda. my brother just played that slot at the Borgata. Hope they go with MLife soon. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Mike are u using cell phone for video or do you have a special camera? My smart phone takes terrible videos cuz I cant have it right in front of screen security LOL

  3. This is one of the best original games in 2014 … really like this one.

  4. Love You Rocked it !! Very Good Luck to You as always 🙂 !

  5. Yesssssssssss, YOU CAN — CAN !!!!!  lol….CONGRATS!!!   I like when you play all different games ,enjoy it !!!!

  6. Awesome. Haven't played this yet but I want to give it a good run eventually. Thanks for posting Mike 😀

  7. Awesome, congrats

  8. Does everyone win big on Can Can but me? Seriously fantastic win Mike and if I could get one like that I would kick up my legs in the casino. LOL, well perhaps not.

  9. Lovely win! Of all the kazillion machines, the tech gotta choose your machine. geez lol

  10. SUPER NICE MIKE!!! Thanks for Sharing!!!Congrats!

  11. Is the wheel spin award amount predetermined or does it actually make a difference if you pick 4 spins @ 1 x vs 1 spin @ 4 x?

  12. Can Can is one of my favorites! Great wins…..thanks for posting!

  13. Thanks for sharing Mike! Congrats on the wins and the Major (well despite the recording difficulties LOL). I enjoyed playing this in Vegas last month (got the 50 spins) but didn't get to record any of my play unfortunately…maybe next time.

  14. Good job on getting major Mike. And nice bonus round there also. I might give some more try if I have a trip someday.

  15. Damn Mike I have tryed so many time to get something good from this game! Well don my friend.

  16. Wow, great win Mike, lots of spins going on made for a long bonus, should have asked someone to pass you a soda lol

  17. Oh man you thrashed that machine. Lol at the damn tech being there. Happens all the time to me also

  18. Nice win on that one . I like the fact that you can win the mini bonus and get free games at the same time

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