Carl orff -Carmina Burana /Koninklijke Chorale Cæcilia

Carl orff -Carmina Burana  /Koninklijke Chorale Cæcilia

[ad_1] Carmina Burana Carl Orff De Singel Antwerpen 2011 — Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen 2011
Dirigent: Paul Dinneweth
Koor: Koninklijke Chorale Caecilia Antwerpen — Repetitor: Peter Maus
Stemcoaching: Kristien Vercammen
Koninklijke Gente Oratoriumvereniging — Dirigent: Jan Vuye — Repetitoren: Tom Van Der Biest — Johannes De Wilde.
Beauvarletkoor Kokzijde — Dirigent Griet De Meyer
Kinderkoor Muziekacademie Wilrijk — Dirigent Marleen Willems
Kamerorkest La Passione Lier — Vera Van Eyndhoven — Concertmeester: Wietse Beels — Hilde Van Keer
Sopraan: Martine Reyners — Tenor: Philip Defrancq — Bariton: Joris Derder
Camera: Leo De Borger — Antoine Luyten — Freddy Van Bulck — Andre Van Rompaey — Constant Biscop — Roger Torfs — Jean Averals — Freddy Longueville — Willy Verhasselt
Klankregie: Dirk Goetseels
Montage: Antoine Luyten
Dit is een product dat je tot stand kan brengen met verschillende mensen die een hart hebben voor film ,en het mag gezegd worden het resultaat mag gezien worden daarom
nogmaals dank aan Leo De Borger om het initiatief en het mede filmen ,en de camera mensen André Van Rompaey — Freddy Van Bulck — Constant Biscop — Freddy Longueville — Roger Torfs — Jean Averals — Willy Verhasselt en Antoine Luyten .
Dit is een Production van Multimedia’97 uit Niel Ingezonden door Antoine Luyten — Multimedia 97 Niel

This is a product that you can achieve with different people who have a heart for film, and it may be said the result may be seen therefore
thanks again to Leo De Borger to the initiative and the co filming, and the cameramen André Van Rompaey — Freddy Van Bulck — Constant Biscop — Freddy Longueville — Roger Torfs — Jean Averals — Willy Verhasselt and Antoine Luyten.
This is a Production of Multimedia’97 from Niel Submitted by Antoine Luyten — Multimedia 97 Niel

Carmina Burana Carl Orff Singel Antwerp 2011 — Antwerp 2011 Stadsschouwburg
Conductor: Paul Dinneweth
Choir: Royal Chorale Caecilia Antwerp — assistant: Peter Maus
Voice Coaching: Kristien Vercammen
Royal Gente Oratorio Society — Conductor: Jan Vuye — coaches: Tom Van Der Biest — John De Wilde.

Beauvarletkoor Kokzijde — Conductor Griet De Meyer
Children’s Music Wilrijk — Conductor Marleen Willems
Orchestra La Passione Lier — Vera From Eyndhoven — Concert Master: Wietse Beels — Hilde
from times

Soprano: Martine Reyners — Tenor: Philip Defrancq — Baritone: Joris Derder
Camera: Leo De Borger — Antoine Luyten — Freddy Van Bulck — André Van Rompaey — Constant Biscop — Roger Torfs — Jean Averals — Freddy Longueville — Willy Verhasselt
Sound Director: Dirk Goetseels
Mounting: Antoine Luyten

Carl Orff, controversiële leven en een verdachte Duitse componist, maakte een verzameling van middeleeuwse liederen van de dertiende eeuw, de monniken bedelaars, en criminelen, uit de regio Bura (Duitsland).

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  1. I’m 13 and this Reminds me when I was 9 years old singing this composition in wisconsin

  2. 25:49 How I love that song

  3. I listen tanz like 100 time

  4. Outstanding conductor, orchestra and choir, breathtaking!!!!

  5. Я думаю, это самое грандиозное исполнение, просто величественное!

  6. Musique magnifique d'un artiste controversé, d'une période où les ténèbres régnaient dans la grande Allemagne où il ne faisait pas très bon vivre… Une musique pleine de force…

  7. super, danke

  8. Je kan met simpele middelen veel bereiken, maar dit is het bewijs dat dat niet nodig is.

  9. 진격거 1기노래중 갠적으로 제일 좋아하는 노래

  10. oooooo fortuna, I like it so much

  11. People nowadays should know this kind of celestial inspired compositions! Drive you to another musical roads…

  12. I'm watching again and again/ The symphony is the one of the best! Great!

  13. Brilliant things created by white people! Created by black people — rabble and unrest!

  14. Philostratus said O Fortuna Imperatrix Globus was a cantata composed by JULIA DOMNA with the adition of neronian taverna songs very popular still in the times of Septimius Severus …Orff found a byzantinian copy in a german Abbadia

  15. I agree with the comments. This is a fantastic performance. The soloist are wonderful. That countertenor and the bass/baritone really great. So glad that this was posted.

  16. Collonut

  17. Amazing………….


  19. Doctor: you have 1 Hour 3 minutes and 44 secs to live.
    Me: 0:42

  20. Pięknie!


  22. cool music

  23. Ayer fue la primera vez que presentamos esta desafiante obra en Cancún, para ser la primera vez estuvo muy bien, nunca me dejara de gustar esta obra y siempre buscaré cantarla cuando pueda 🙂

  24. Excellent choir. Orchestra is imprecise. Just look at the face of the conductor at 1:05, when the instruments enter one after the other. The glockenspiel around 3:00 is embarassing :-O

  25. aez were king and queen I performed my own songs but as a reflection of the times and a commentary of whatever the public was listening to over the years and it continues even now I write about how my life intertwines with the world and the challenges of the body aging .. once I a song called Song For Everyone.. the words I feel are pertinent are .."
    song for the bodies that grow old while their minds stay young.. a song for everyone.." Music to me is ageless and I remember each and every song as an expression of the moment of where my soul lies and it fills me with fondness for memory.. remembering never to forget..

    Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
    0:41 O Fortuna
    3:12 Fortuna plango vulnera
    Primo Vere
    5:46 Veris leta facies
    9:28 Omnia sol temperat
    11:43 Ecce gratum
    14:21 Tanz
    16:08 Floret silva nobilis
    19:39 Chramer, gip die varwe mir
    23:03 Reie
    27:58 Were diu werlt alle min
    In Taberna
    28:53 Estuans interius
    31:22 Olim lacus colueram
    34:55 Ego sum abbas
    36:44 In taberna quando sumus
    Cour d'amours
    39:45 Amor volat undique
    43:02 Dies, nox et omnia
    45:14 Stetit puella
    47:09 Circa mea pectora
    49:13 Si puer cum puellula
    50:09 Veni, veni, venias
    51:07 In truitina
    53:27 Tempus es iocundum
    55:54 Dulcissime
    Blanziflor Et Helena
    56:43 Ave formosissima
    Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
    58:27 O Fortuna

  27. BRAVO!!!!!!!!

  28. We're doing this this week in Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, I'm shocked at the oddly not used dynamic markings in this performance….

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