Carl Orff O Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

Carl Orff   O Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

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  1. Los. Chinos imitando todo como. Siempre

  2. Needs more cowbell…lol

  3. I feel goose bumps!

  4. FAST!!!

  5. la mejor versio'n q he escuchado


  7. japoneses cantando em latim kkkk

  8. Awesome version,bravo Maestro Ozawa!!!

  9. Carl Orff would be proud!

  10. ¿De qué año es esa versión y cómo se llama el director? Alguien puede orientarme.

  11. The best version ever

  12. Seiji Ozawa!! The best!! The best!!

  13. is it weird that this music gives me ear-orgasms? …dood.

  14. Sans commentaire car ce grand chef qu'est Seiji Ozawa  me laisse toujours sans voix. SUBLIME;

  15. Tempo seemed slightly fast, but that was amazing no matter.

  16. racism! yay! your humor has ascended to a higher state of being!

  17. I want coo-kies .. Give me coo-kies.. They give you gonorrhea!! XD

  18. son chinos,,no son japones .,,,, jajaajaja

  19. O regente passar uma energia excelente!!! a altura da peça…

  20. my school band is bigger than that.


  21. I find this really impressive as a band geek. All it could use is more trombone, although I tend to think that with most songs. By the way, anyone wanna try guessing what instrument I play?

  22. ASIANS!!!!

  23. Son coreanossss

  24. This music is awesome! Even more so, considering it's a modern 20th century composition. The lyrics are a medieval student poetry, mostly saying that life sucks, no luck in gambling, then drinking songs and maybe some sleazy songs later in the opera. If the students of Bremen saw this concert, they'd piss themselves laughing. Maybe 500 years in the future Snoop Dogg and his ghetto rhymings will be ceremoniously sung by a Black chorus and orchestra.

  25. hmmmmm,,, < can't talk my pants are wet!

  26. best classical ever

  27. 01:25…EPIC @.@

  28. 1:25
    Great, now I need new trousers…

  29. The own a CD with this version dummy.

  30. @Uraniumfestival I have the CD you dummy.

  31. @ruben1million — I fact its the best version! You say you own this version, so you have all the rights to use it? Did you record it?

  32. @frizz148 Rotary valve trumpets are held that way.

  33. @SamsonJean The soprano is Kathleen Battle.

  34. I own this version (japanese director and choral with german orchestra) I heard many other versions and this one is best one of them all.

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