Carl Orff — O Fortuna — Latin and English Lyrics

Carl Orff — O Fortuna — Latin and English Lyrics

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  1. i always thought they were yelling gibberish…

  2. It's been many a year since I've seen that damnable video, but all I can hear are things like

    "This octopus, let's give him boots, send him to North Korea! Ow! papercut! Sand paper! Ahh! Potato soup and chicken!"

  3. Wow!!! This is beyond epic!

  4. 2018 ?

  5. Learning Latin isn't useless kids

  6. 1:37 When you lay in the bed and realize that you forgot to do your homeworks for tomorrow.

  7. When you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer and you hear ya mom pull up in the driveway

  8. I can only hear salsa cookies

  9. When Michael Langdon eats your heart

  10. When you accidentally tell your mom to shut up…

  11. When you load into CoD MP late and are the only 22 among 80s

  12. When rubber ducks take over the bathroom

  13. the hook is amazing.

  14. 1:37 when you're gonna beat your wife again

  15. She is Bald

  16. 666 hail satan

  17. me when i forget something in my car

  18. Stop stop stop. Youre summoning to many demons

  19. AHS: Apocalypse

  20. American horror story apocalypse brought me here

  21. 370 fallen angels disliked

  22. When the Main character witnesses his Lover gets Pierced in the Heart.

  23. 0:24 the arpeggio (fast playing notes) that starts to play, and continues to play throughout the entire song? THAT describes my unpredictable fighting style. I have a multitude of 'em. Coupled with my unstoppable, indomitable nature. You think you can take me out with a different move? I've evaded and punched your head off, by the time you've flinched. I merely tolerate your assaults because I like to toy with what I'm about to destroy.

  24. "You and the land are one!" Percival to King Arthur, Excalibur 1981

  25. Please read the lyric's and try to understand them, this is the incredibly reality of life.❤

  26. For some reason Music like this is the best lullaby for me

  27. Hate me now

  28. Captivating song!!

  29. When the final report card is here and you know you can't graduate.

  30. 1:40 MAKE ME COOKIES

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