Carol of the Bells — Lindsey Stirling

Carol of the Bells — Lindsey Stirling

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24 комментария

  1. Wow ♥️

  2. Линдси, благодарю что учишь видеть невероятную Красоту!

  3. Instagram is better,tc

  4. Tc

  5. Is that an electric violin or acoustic?

  6. Play back

  7. Very good

  8. Like tears realy ukraine

  9. 2019

  10. Щедрик


  12. Meeeeeee

  13. красива -а-а !!!!!!!!

  14. It's amazing

  15. Amazing

  16. This video is choreographed in a mesmerising manner

  17. Schuld Lindsey

  18. this is one of the reasons I love youtube just by chance stumbling across an amazing talent like Lindsey. Amazing video

  19. Im just gonna pretend shes my girlfriend. Lol.. shes beautiful, smart and talented.

  20. Never heard of this girl until I saw her open for evanescence. WOW. Sorry Amy Lee but her show was better.

  21. this is just WONDERFUL!!!! everyone plays a beautiful role in this vid and I absolutely LUV it!!!

  22. хмммм мууууррррр

  23. Can anybody tell me what is the “type” of dance these ladies are performing here?

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