CASH CHALLENGE | AINSWORTH — Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus (Final Installment)

CASH CHALLENGE | AINSWORTH — Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus (Final Installment)

[ad_1] My 3rd and final installment of one of my favorite Ainsworth games called Cash Challenge from their Premium Plus line of slot machines. The bonus feature is unique and is unlike other games. In the bonus, the «Challenge» is to obtain as many «SPIN» symbols as possible as they become locked WILDs on the board. They also reveal to become win enhancers in the form of multipliers, additional free spins, or points for a bonus credit prize of up to 100X the bet (awarded at the end of the bonus feature). Star symbols are also locked on the first 2 reels so the more stars you get, the greater the likelihood of getting some bigger wins. [ad_2]

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  1. Hi Albert its Rachel. Would love to find this one here in Vegas. I have been against Ainsworth for awhile because of the low base game paybacks…..but then we discovered Supeeerrrr Swwweeeett Zone lol and have been playing more Ainsworth with pretty good results. Thanks for the recommendation and posting so many Ainsworth on your channel, they are very encouraging!

  2. I have never seen these machines before…but damn it. I was cheering you on on that second bonus!!! They seem really exciting IF you can get the bonus!

  3. Very nice Albert, I've been busy the last two weeks just getting caught up! It was nice to hang out with you! Until we meet again!

  4. Great win!

  5. Love Ainsworth games and music when you hit nice pay lines…Congrats!

  6. Nice wins. You were up to the Challenge!

  7. Nice work on this game Albert, I need to get back to Ainsworth, congrats

  8. nice bonus albert!! :))

  9. great bonus bud congrats!

  10. Nice bonuses there Al, congrats! I really like how this game plays.

  11. Couple of great bonuses here, Albert! Congrats to you!!!

  12. Thanks Deborah! Was unable to leave a reply to your video comment so hope you see this!

  13. Amazing wins, especially the second one. I don't think I have seen that one down here.

  14. I might have mentioned it before, I can't remember…I finally got to play this back in March in Vegas at the Plaza downtown where I was staying at their hotel.  I didn't have any luck until my last night but I haven't played it since, even though one of my locals does have them.  It is an interesting slot to play, doesn't always pay very nice though.

  15. what is it about ainsworth games that draws you too them?

  16. Great video. Love how you explain the game. I've only played Mustang Money, Glitter Gems and Winning Wolf but enjoyed them.

  17. nice showing Albert, I'll keep my eyes peeled for this game

  18. That was a great video and win, Albert! Loved watching it!

  19. looks like you were in the fast lane for money. glad that you won a good amount!

  20. Very nice bonus features on this game. I definitely have a better understanding of this one now.. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. Nice win! Congrats! really cool game, you do an awesome job, thank yoy.

  22. Nice win Albert!! You are the King of Ainsworth games!! Maybe one day I will see you as a spokesman for this company. 🙂

  23. I like the ainsworth games. for the most part I do pretty good. I have only won the lower jackpot for $300 something but that's still good. great job!

  24. How do u unlock major/ max jackpot

  25. Coooooool! You always have nice wins. You need a sponsorship. Lol

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