Casino (1995) A can of worms is opened

Casino (1995) A can of worms is opened

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  1. I'm sorry but this scene was funny as fuck to me

  2. What's the song

  3. "We may have to kick a kike's ass out of town".

    I wish this guy was our president.

  4. Nicky should've went down on her after he shot her.

  5. I know everybody rate this movie like a master piece but that way to kill the woman 01:10 is fucking bad done, Nicky put his arm in the same direction of the shots.

  6. Why didn't her head explode?

  7. Dude were those blanks or something ? Cause something pop out of that prop gun I bet that womans ear was probably ringing

  8. Not very smart for Joe Pesci 's character to touch the ladies head and face with his bare hands.

  9. he must have shot his own arms if holding her head like that

  10. Glad Pesci was beaten to death with bats after all this crap he did to people.

  11. Nikki just shot himself several times in the arm. What an unrealistic scene

  12. 1:11 even the oldest lady, respected by Mafia, can die.

  13. Casino is much interesting, more sophisticated and crafty movie than Goodfellas.

  14. lmaoo the most unrealistic killing in the world lol. If someone got shot in the head like that,there would be a lot of splattered everywhere lol

  15. fucking murdering swine

  16. Casino is my favourite movie

  17. Crazy, I don't remember this scene….

  18. the gun shots would have went threw her head into his hand/arm.

  19. I'll always look at Casino as a loose sequel to Goodfellas, but this is defo the superior movie!!

  20. I love the little chuckle you can almost hear from Pesci at 1:07 when he's reading that line. It really is a great line.

  21. Remo was a beast ! He feel that hell burning now he got to kill that lady LOL look at him rocking LOL !!

  22. three shots in the head and no blood splatter or brain matter on the drapes lmfao 10/10

  23. why wasnt ace killed at the end

  24. It's not a .22 it's a 25 caliber

  25. Ladies, find a man who treats you like how Nicky treats his victim after he kills her!

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