CASINO Full movie

CASINO Full movie

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  1. Okay so I will update if not BS when ive watched it.

  2. 12:46 Back home years ago…

  3. I'm a little confused. Was Dominic Nickys kid brother or his older brother?

  4. One of the best gangsta films ever made

  5. Thanks for uploading this perfect

  6. Aitäh! 🙂

  7. 1:55:15 what is the name of that song?

  8. "You mother fucker you!"

  9. I thought "sure, why not watch for 30 mins"
    Ended up watching the entire thing. its 2:37 AM. Worth it.

  10. Forgot how great this film is x)

  11. One of few problems I have with this film comes about the 0:41:00 mark when Sam is trying to convince Ginger to marry him. I just have no idea what he sees in her. He says he wants a family, he's also an extremely intelligent man, so why Ginger? That's not wife/mother material, Sam. Does he just want beautiful kids? Is that it? That's the only thing I can think of as a reason for him to promise "you'll be set up for life whatever happens". You're telling that to a whore? And you want her to be the MOTHER of your BABIES.

    It makes no sense!

    Not long after that, when giving her all that gold, he says "I need to be able to trust you with my life." He proceeds to take her to the bank and give HER the only key to the money that could get him out of being buried in the desert/jailed, that emergency money. A Jewish guy is doing this. With a whore. Not a lawyer. A golddigging whore.

    Still an awesome film 🙂



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  13. Thanks for this! This movie is amazing. Crime doesn't pay, and stay away from drugs and the slots my friends.

  14. Everybody loves the guys Joe Pesci plays in these movies.
    I'm always happy to see the midget prick die.

  15. I still feel De Niros performance in this movie is overlooked. Yes Sharon Stone was amazing and pesci was terrifying. But de Niro plays his role to perfection. Its a very subtle nuanced performance. Played just perfectly

  16. When you skip forward and it's not in Mandarin.

  17. Thank you very fuckin much… a full movie and I find it at 1am…sure it would be rude not to, and when a bank manager asks you must trust your wife, he knows he's made the wrong mistake.

  18. I fucking love Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in this movie and in Goodfellas.

  19. Legend

  20. For Casino fans here is a breakdown about how close the movie to reality. Awesome!

  21. Really appreciate you putting this up for viewing. This is an incredible movie and deserves to be seen by people.


    I love that line.

  23. “Women are like a living, breathing casino

    Like a judge and jury

    They sense everything

    They sense what you try to hide

    They sense your weaknesses

    They sense your power levels

    One must be patient

    One must listen


    And wait

    Before one strikes”

    ― Robert Black

  24. Thank you for sharing.

  25. "Be nice!"

  26. I already saw this 2 times. This time, I realize that De Niro was dressed FABULOUS and that I want to dress like that now. I understand why Nas made that video.

  27. Lot of shineboxes in that desert

  28. Wot we doin over ear

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