Casino Slot Bonus Compilation (Medusa’s Golden Gaze, Reactoonz, Ninja Ways And More!) Big Wins!

Casino Slot Bonus Compilation (Medusa’s Golden Gaze, Reactoonz, Ninja Ways And More!) Big Wins!

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My video is intended for those over 18 years of age.

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  1. Hehe i cancelled my withdrawl of 210pounds when i had 3 punds got a bouns and got 1050 punds 🙂

  2. Is there a video of you unlocking the megaways on laser fruit?

  3. Don't listen to your negative comments mate love the vids!

  4. keep the profit and loss please. ignore the haters

  5. Craig ignore the twats who slag you off.i enjoy your videos so do lots of other people.keep going mate.

  6. Moaning twat!! We're only here because we don't like you remember that. We watch because we hate you. Justify yourself all you like but remember YouTube comments are gospel. We are God. (Sarcasm. Please realise this before you get all shitty with me. Jimbo is da best. Goodnight)

  7. fuck the haters craigy lad

  8. Think their jealous craig. I had a £18k win on venture. Bought 6 one ounce gold bullion coins and a Rolex submariner. Fuck em Craig!!

  9. Awesome video as usual Craig your commentary and wit make it enjoyable.. Sorry it was a loss but maybe next time … Sweepthepuppet ….

  10. Just ignore the negative comments mate, your right cretins and jealousy mixed together make for a bad mix. Leave the figures up long may the winnings continue

  11. Hi buddy. been watching you for ages and i love it. I really dont know why it bothers you what people comment???Feels like its getting to you. i know its easy to say "Just ignore them", but think about it—can you be liked by all? Even Jesus couldn't do it, so why think about it then. Just be yourself and have fun, and we have fun watching you play

  12. Please DO NOT play on that Big Foot game ever again wtf that was absolutely horrendous but besides that I love your vids mate, nothing but positivity from me bud keep em coming

  13. To sensitive mate,, have you heard the saying FUCK UM, ,,,,

  14. Unlucky fat lad always next time

  15. nice work keep up the good work

  16. Why not choose the 30 mega spins?

  17. I think all evolution table games are rigged

  18. dont care bout them haters. You will never be able to escape them 🙂

  19. I've always loved your videos and never comment but I don't think you can say for people to not comment negative things. You post your videos on an open forum platform (YouTube) so people are entitled to their opinion. You just have to take the rough with the smooth!

  20. not long started watching your videos.. love what your doing great content. and fuck anyone trying to bring you down because of your balances and profit margin its only jelousy.. head high and keep winning brother !!!

  21. gambling

  22. Entertaining as always mate

  23. Dw about these hating cunts -.- I barely fucking win the times when i do gamble i aint sour about it. The bandit, You and jimbo has definately helped me. Keep it up man.

  24. nice one bellend, im gonna watch as live best of luck old chap ))

  25. The kind of people who dont win then blame others like youtube streamers for it are just fuckwits. No point wasing breath on dumbshits Craig, fuck em

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