Casino Slots Live — 26/02/19 *HOLY MOLY!!!!!!*

Casino Slots Live — 26/02/19 *HOLY MOLY!!!!!!*

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31 комментарий

  1. demo money.

  2. You deserved that win bro for all the charity money you give. Karma right there bro nothing else

  3. 5.4k times the bet 😀


  5. congrats Nick,dream hit

  6. Hi nick, you know I hold no punches and it took me a while to take to you. But I must say you can see the fakers a mile off. They just sit calm hitting massive amounts, but like jumbo when he hit the 42k you lost it then sat not knowing what the fuck to do. I did the same with my 1k wins on 40p stakes. So well done and defo treat the family or its not worth winning.

  7. Great win pal

  8. Never would I win 27k and carry on playing on after,but fair play good win nick lad

  9. Over 5000x

  10. Well done nick and amazing win enjoy man

  11. If I told my missus I just won 30k you could hear her scream all over the planet just saying but like you as a bloke and a streamer and being a guy whos missus is also due our baby soon delighted for you Nick

  12. The people disliking this video are dead inside

  13. "I'm going to leave this shot as it's doing nothing", one minute later OMG!

  14. That just depressing. Im unsubsribing….

  15. Well done Nick. Massive

  16. Just as you said your going to change games…wow amazing bro

  17. Big big congrats…showered with blessings.

  18. You are nothing more or less of a great fucking guy nick. Always kind and humble. Happy to see that. There are 2 streamers that deserve that. You and Bandit. Best of luck to you an your family. Can't wait to hear, that your newborn has come beautiful and healthy. Stay safe brother!

  19. wow what a win. Nick i used your link to join calzone casino. How can i register for your giveaway? Thanks

  20. Cash out probs.. 6x5k what a win congrats!

  21. My man still chucks a rosh tea flame his way haha epic win

  22. nice 1 Nick, stunning hit.

  23. That is insane spin last few spins and u get what u deserve good lad happy for u and ur family enjoy mate

  24. I once won jackpot 36grand 1year ago on dolphin pearl dulax hit 5 dolphin wild lines. manage to withdraw all money but it all went back to all casino online within 6months I am so gutted and stupid for not stopping for good when i hit that jackpot it was a big mistake. So pls be careful nick

  25. Wow congratulations mate u deserved it hope u don't give it back to casino

  26. Holy shit balls them tigers. Well done my man, insane hit you jammy git lool

  27. great so. that so happy for you nick

  28. Insane win dude , congrats !

  29. Dont think i have ever seen that many mega teasers on bonanza without triggering the bonus.

    Congrats on that primal win, 13k more and you would have won what I earn I salary under an entire year

  30. Amazing win m8 !!!

  31. Love it Nick, u deserved that more than anyone. Get in!!

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