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  1. low fucking audio

  2. I'm confused as to who this title is about… Are we saying Sam Rothstein is the asshole or the Commissioner… Cause the Commissioner definitely "deals" with him and get the last laugh…. So what are we saying… Deal with assholes way Sam does and bring more drama onto yourself at the end… ??

  3. Webb reminds me of The Man in The Big Lebowski, and the other way around

  4. I love that little touch of Sam putting his pants only when he's visible to a guest. Scorsese and company are geniuses

  5. He could’ve just gave the guy a stupid job this was one of the dumbest things he ever did

  6. He messed up here I think…he should have smoothed it over by giving him a different job or at least tell him that he will think about it. Ego got the best of him.

  7. Lol fuck don, and his asshole uncle. I’m glad ace stood his ground, regardless of what kind of clout Pat had. It’s a movie people, get over yourselves who gives a f**k.

  8. COW BOY

  9. How come Sam Rothstein said "Call Me in Four Minutes?"

  10. "Your people will never understand how it works out here…you're all just our quests, but you act like you're at home,….you ain't home, but that's where we're going to send you if it harelips the governor."   Something like that needs to be said to all the foreign immigrants in Britain! LOL!

  11. Should have given the idiot a job cleaning toilets just to avoid problems.

  12. This goes right along with Trump's campaign & Russian collusion….. with all of his campaign people under indictment trump was either in on it or too stupid to see what was going on & we don't need somebody like that as president…. he's weak, he's incompetent & he jeopardizes the whole place.

  13. My favorite scene in this movie. All he had to do was give Don Ward another job and things might've turned out okay for Rothstein. His ego and arrogance wouldn't let him. It's a metaphor for so many interactions between people of different backgrounds and the regard they carry for themselves and others.

  14. what is that sign that says yes NO I want one

  15. Sam was a genius but this was one stupid decision he made. Letting his pride get the best of him.

  16. No one likes to be told no

  17. So much turquoise blue in this scene. Even the bottle of Mylanta.

  18. Whoever put the a word in the description better be for the guy in the shiny suit.

  19. You look lile vito fro sopranos in this clip reckon you should do an omnibus to m
    make it more exciting.

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  21. Ya! Who could understand it any better other than those who believe it! Do you still believe! Didn't he give you everything he had to see!

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