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*Catch of the Day* Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine Bonuses — Big Wins, Big Bets, First Spin Bonus

*Catch of the Day* Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine Bonuses — Big Wins, Big Bets, First Spin Bonus

[ad_1] This is an oldie that gets play from both Mr. and Mrs. CT.
First up, Mrs. CT gets her best bonus ever on the game thanks to columns of wilds!
Next, Mr. CT gets crazy with the bet size on a weird version of this game and triggers a bonus on a $16 bet! He also gets a bonus on the same version at a $2.65 bet.
Finally, we show Mr. CT’s first spin bonus!
Thanks for Watching!
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30 комментариев

  1. That’s a boring game.

  2. Gotta stay away from the newer version of this machine like the one you bet 16.00 on those ones pay bad rather then the older version

  3. Too bad your cheap

  4. LOL, who wouls ever want to turn Kathy off. Great video. Miss you both.

  5. Congrats on the awesome video! You are featured on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the week. you can check it out here!

  6. love the play, but it is hard to watch because the camera moves around so much.

  7. Congrats on the great wins! Stinkin Rich goes out of its way to live up to the first part of its name to me, so I'm happy to see you two win on it!

  8. That first scatter on stinking rich really got in the way lol

  9. congrats

  10. Nice video you guys, all those wilds were awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Good luck on future games.

  11. Very nice wins
    Congrats CTs.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. That first bonus was fantastic! This one is an old favorite of mine. Your video certainly didn't disappoint. Congrats guys!

  13. That's is so true with any slot machine it comes down to finding the one that is going to be productive and let you play

  14. I'm subscribing way to annoying for me,,,,, yeah, yes, yes, blah blah blah, oh goodie, yes, oh my gosh $154 Go away!!

  15. Now she is annoying

  16. Good job guys. Oldie but goodie. You guys fun to listen 😉

  17. Stinkin' Rich is my fave. From now on, I'm going to be calling him Blaine. I like Blaine.

  18. You are too funny…"I love every game that pays me". Me too!!

  19. $2.65 bet???? My dad loves this game…He plays it at 50 cents & $1.00 and does well on it. Loved all those wilds. Thanks guys!!

  20. If you see Lock it Link by WMS give it a whirl they can be productive.

  21. what casino is that at?

  22. Those are some nice stinky wins! =)

  23. I know I'll never get Stinkin' Rich playing this game — but I bet the two of you might one of these days. Hope so. You make it fun.

  24. Blaine I love it! Mrs. CT you are hysterical sometimes. Love your videos.

  25. Very nice first bonus! Nice play! Congrats, you guys!!

  26. those games are nearly impossible to figure out what pays what. There seems to be too many symbols to figure out which is which. Just as long as your winning thats all that matters. Great job guys. I heard Slot Traveler will be in Atlantic City on June 2nd. Are you guys plan on going……………..peace

  27. Good play! Loved that first bonus BFF!! I laughed a little when Mr CT was pointing at the line hit on one win towards the end! Very nice catch!

  28. That guy looks like Zack from Saved by the bell

  29. I have never seen the newer model of Stinkin' Rich with the gold font here in Ottawa. Lac Leamy has the ancient versions of this and Bombay where you can bet from a penny to a dollar where you hope you get lucky in regards to hitting a bonus and getting all 100 lines on a lesser bet. OLG RCR might have the Wolf Run font but I'm not sure. The online version on PlayOLG.ca is in the vein of the Wolf Run font. I had a couple of decent runs in early 2015 but lately this game has left me Stinkin' Broke.

  30. Does your mrs have no off button?

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