Catchmoon Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Unbridled Force (Warframe Gameplay)

Catchmoon Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Unbridled Force (Warframe Gameplay)

[ad_1] Catchmoon Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Unbridled Force (Warframe Gameplay)

With Fortuna came kitguns and so far I have been loving my time with the Catchmoon. You can build it in a number of different ways but after testing a couple I would recommend Catchmoon with Haymaker and Splat. This combination will result in the weapon having a thirty five percent critical chance with a two point three critical multiplier and a status chance of thirteen percent.

The weapon performed very well in all gameplay and simulacrum tests, being fully capable of clearing a room in just a couple of shots thanks to the Plasmor-like projectile. The one negative to the weapon is the way the projectile functions. In contact with a surface it will detonate and deal no damage which makes it a bit unreliable in small rooms where you can hit multiple obstacles because of the sheer size of the projectile. It works fantastically well in open spaces such as Orb Valis or the Plains of Eidolon but much less so in in-door areas.

Overall the Catchmoon can be a fantastic weapon when build correctly and I fully recommend the chamber in combination with the Haymaker grip and Splat loader. Have Fun!

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Overall the Catchmoon can be a fantastic weapon when build correctly and I fully recommend the chamber in combination with the Haymaker grip and Splat loader. Have Fun <3

  2. Hmm…in my opinion,staticor with the right mod without riven and prime is the strongest

  3. Catchmoon, Pax Seeker, and a warframe who is obsessed with headshots…. and you get?

  4. For normal levels a high firerate version (6-8) is much better imo.

  5. Agreed, the ideal catchmoon. I realized that only Corrosive build worth it. But, I did not care about status chance, because it's nearly impossible to make the corrosive able to do more than the impact x4 value, so I aimed for the most dmg as possible with 90% elemental mods and augur pact for more dmgs. (The Impact proc is really an issue here)
    Also if you aim for an Headshot build, with patch seeker, shooting ABOVE the head of your target will produce headshot while reducing risk of hitting the terrains.

  6. leyzar make discorddd pleaseee

  7. DE create a monster, and its called Catchmoon, my catchmoon rivered can outshine my Damn Opticor rivered. This thing is stupid if you get the full arcane and some good riven. Stupid

  8. I think I'll go for the stitch loader. Out of all loaders, I ended up prefering the stats of the stitch the most

  9. Catchmoon — Lovetap — Zipneedle is currently on sale on Zuud for 156 plat!

    ….at least for me. I don't know how these sales work.

  10. Hey could you mabye help me with my question… If I shot an exploding round weapon close to an vriendly would it hurt them e.g. if I shot the lenz close to them

  11. You have 4% more crit than me when previewing these. What's up?

    Edit: Nevermind, I wasn't previewing gilded guns.

  12. Something to note, the grips don't actually affect the range of any catchmoon kitguns, only for beam weapons, so gaze is really the only possible part that gets the effect of the increased range.

  13. Can skins be used in those guns? They'are ugly af. XD

  14. Plains of Eidoloon…

  15. can you do a prisma tetra build? its not a top tier weapon but it is my favorite (tied with Dera vandal) so im wondering how i can maximize its potential. thanks!

  16. I built mine with killstream. Should I rebuild with splat? Would I notice that much difference? Thanks for the guide as always!

  17. Love your videos. Even without looking I know exactly what you are referring to at all times. Even though I am mr 14 these videos still helped me a ton with understanding status, and that sometimes damage isn't everything. Love your stuff and keep it up!

  18. Please for the love of god do the Skiajati

  19. But… but… my fashion gun!

  20. Great video, Haymaker + Splat works with pretty much anything.

    Especially the Gaze Barrel serves as a great "mining laser" secondary with Splat.

  21. Any substitute for splat ?

  22. I wish we could swap parts out, like a true modular Kit gun, i got the catchmoon love tap and the level 2 max crit loader, oh well i like it enough to redo it right. I have a catchmoon riven with both crit chance and crit damage, can't remember the third stat maybe cold, but all pluses

  23. will you ever do a melee weapon review???

  24. I think every warframe player loves the Arca Plasmor so Catchmoon will be for sure quite popular too.

  25. I haven't used my plasmor once after getting a catchmoon.

  26. How can you stand the screen flash and glare from that?

  27. Time to grind

  28. i wanna make a status slash based gun. after i make this one.

  29. War build please, sir

  30. Lezar what do u think is the most op weapon in Warframe?

  31. Can you do a review on the tombfinger also??? Forgot to mention great video as always and which arcane do u think is the best for kitguns

  32. Thanks for uploading this, makes me feel satisfied with buying yesterday's daily deal from Zuud with this exact combo! 😀 Nice to see what fully modded up is capable of. I love it already, and also such a satisfying sound effect.

  33. nice use of 'whatnot'

  34. Will you do a gaze video? No one else is really reviewing it.

  35. I have the exact same catchmoon, but for me its a subpar compared to staticor. Both weapon are great secondary don't me wrong, but in my opinion comparing between staticor and catchmoon, cacthmoon excels in non heavy-armored units such as corpus / infested and have faster travel time. While staticor excels in every faction, have better AoE damage spread and status spread but the projectile travel time is worse than catchmoon. I have tested both with same build, without riven, against 8 corrupted heavy gunners (only lvl 115 due to mastery rank), unpaused and no invincibility, and staticor performed better. Players have different tastes, just giving my opinion here tho.

  36. Sternly "Now off to the Simulacrum!" You need that to be a new catchphrase. Love your vids, long time viewer, keep em coming.

  37. Rattleguts, Gibber and Splat.
    You should try that with Hydraulic Crosshair, that is absolutely insane.

  38. Why do they make them so ugly?

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