Catholic Rap — Catholic Focus — Fr. Stan Fortuna

Catholic Rap — Catholic Focus — Fr. Stan Fortuna

[ad_1] David Wang returns to speak with Pedro about Catholic rap musicians. Pedro also sits with singer/songwriter, musician, author and Franciscan Catholic Priest, Fr. Stan Fortuna to speak about his music, his new book, You Gotta Love, and his new pilgrimage to Rome and Poland, in the footsteps of «the Great One», John Paul II. [ad_2]

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  1. There are many young people that are trying to find a way out and we're not dumb enough not to know how many of them have earplugs. Instead of criticizing and hating on people be smart and be true fishermen, be creative, youth is tired of talk they want action… this is my first time hearing this Priest and I applaud him for how God is using him. I can truly see Satan is not happy with this… I hope you're not part of Satan! I hope all that have negative comments, instead of writing hateful comments, let this priest know what will sound better and remember the times of yesterday are not the same as todays, they keep getting worst, why not evangelize through understanding and lyrically leading them to truth?  Father Fortuna, you can use some of these inspiring words for any song the Lord inspires you with.  May the Love of our Lord and His Peace be with all of us!   MariGmz

  2. You're acting like heathen in the churches so true priests step through to whip you like Christ with cords in a temple, like you are caught! red handed selling and robbing,
    Sodom and Gomorrah playing the organ, and parents wonder why children don't listen when faggots sing the music. sin, sin, sin. or the Commandments! don't teach at least ten and you lose your soul, no you don't want that, inferno eternal suffering is real as fingers in nail holes, so know love and serve the Lord, don't act a whore. Rebelliousness is as the sin of witchcraft think you king though you lose your crown left into much agony to be frowning. drag the disobedient brother to the Church for repentance if he don't convert, cast 'em out! forgiving who do so in repentance.They say "don't judge" out of context and don't know we plainly see the sinful ignorance, discerning with a proper judgement. who loves more one forgiven for more or forgiven for less? hmm….. what you do?  your judgment is perhaps not like the early Church's cause most are too scared to do it.     Exodus chapter 20!!!!!! 1st Corinthians!!!!! they are both full of Commandments!

    This is what happens when people aren't sleeping and come across crazy vids…….. :/
    In the depths be praise unto the Most High Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

  3. Lord, this fool almost makes me wish for a Muslim victory over Christianity.

  4. keep up the good work.

  5. Its exists! lol Check out Stryper for old school metal or you can check out Demon Hunter for new school metal!

  6. oh i met Fr Stan. he is so cool!

  7. Father please go back to youre brother's and normal prayer


  9. Good on ya Father, its all about the message!! 😉

  10. Fr Stan is inspiring. He knows how to tap into his God given passion.

  11. @tony20001 Your answer clearly exposes how disastrous the Novus Ordo has been to the detriment of the Catholic faith.

  12. @garciadelacadena sure, why not?

  13. He is a really nice holy man. Very outgoing,

  14. @syrupandtangerine me 2 !!

  15. head like a fucking orange

  16. Catholic Rap?? What's next?? Catholic Heavy Metal??

  17. @syrupandtangerine NO YOU DONT

  18. I want to meet him!

  19. And why not. You got T bone, you've had disciples of christ. you got lots of christian artists.

  20. @21chrisjones Thanks very much 🙂

  21. @Leonaloverxx no problems, feel free to message me if you need any more info! 🙂

  22. @21chrisjones Yeah I'll concider it. 🙂 Thanks for everything

  23. @Leonaloverxx you would fit right in with the youth stream then, theres like 2000 people go, families and groups of friends…i would say go! youd love it and it would help to have a friend there too!

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