CATS Slot Machine Bonus Wins in Las Vegas | Vegas Casino

CATS Slot Machine Bonus Wins in Las Vegas | Vegas Casino

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One of the slot machines we haven’t played in a long time has been Cats! The Cats slot machine bonus is one of our favorite ones, and you’ll find this game all over las vegas casinos!

The gist of the game is to get 5 or more paws to trigger the slot bonus games. 5 paws gets you 5 free games, while 6 paws gets you 10 free games!

The slot machine tends to pay pretty well, and the black panther symbol is worth the most money! This is one of the best slot machines to play in las Vegas!

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  5. Never played Cats but you can do no wrong with it. Next time we go, we're gonna look for it. Thank you so much. Have a great evening.

  6. HMMMMMMMM I not a fan of Cat Pokies ( Dogs are way better ) Happy Birthday I hope you got lots of presents and warm love from friends and loved ones

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  13. I walk right by Cats, don't like those games with single/double heads 🙁 At least you got a couple nice bonus rounds!!

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