CCR-Fortunate Son.

CCR-Fortunate Son.

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  1. Either this or Paint it Black is always associated with 'Nam and Hueys in my mind.

  2. 1k dislike this song…. Really

  3. TRUMP DITCHED OUT !!!! HEs YOUR LEADER ????????????????????????

  4. dislikes are communists

  5. Они уже на деревьях

  6. 1,000 dislikes? How though?

  7. This was Al Gores song.

  8. Bo1 song

  9. É assim que se invade favela! Espero ver isto num futuro próximo…."atirem em tudo que se mexe" façam a limpeza!

  10. PTSD is typing…

  11. I love the sound of Flamethrower,some M16 and Screaming of the Viet Congs in the morning….

  12. I see. Neat

  13. Several Americans are typing…

  14. Ledgend says if you play this backwards you end up beating a world power in armed comflict with a bunch of rice farmers.

  15. It isn’t a certified Vietnam War movie without Fortunate Son.

  16. My grandpa Sergeant George Mcguire 1st aviation brigade came home alive

  17. The legend says that if you repeat that sound 10 times in a row Quagmire will come and try to kill you !!!

  18. When a yank meets 7.62


  20. Family guy brought me here

  21. You Libs, thumbs down.

  22. My Grandpa pasted from smoking but he was a Nam veteran… My grandma says he slept with his eyes open for 40 days when he got back

  23. We shouldn't of seized and desist on these commie fucks

  24. My father spent 3 tours over there  he never came back. For the ones on here that was lucky enough to return I salute you.

  25. great song , pointless war

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