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CHA CHA dance class for beginners with Brian Fortuna 1 of 4

CHA CHA dance class for beginners with Brian Fortuna 1 of 4

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Learn the basic Cha Cha dance step and timing. This is how a great dance class should start. Let Brian Fortuna teach you the fundamentals and before you know it you’ll be dancing.

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Brian Fortuna, pro dancer from Dancing with The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing will teach you the partner dance basics in just a couple of minutes. Whether you want to dance at your wedding or just be able to take to a dance floor with a bit of confidence, this is for you, even if you do have two left feet. And all in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Learning to dance has never been easier…

Happy dancing x

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  1. Nicement i like ,

  2. Wonderful instructions but please loose that jacket men so we can see which way your body moves, love your videos, thank you

  3. Lol. Do you want to do the cha cha cha? Thats wat some lady asked me the other day…

  4. I still find it a bit hard to hear the "down beat" but only watched this once so far! BUT this is the first video I've found where anyone has even tried to explain how to hear the music & when to start etc so thank you Brian. Love you Brian & Dancing on Wheels 🙂

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